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Is Facebook censoring NMT headlines like they already do our images?

Who can say what is the cause? But this began in November when suddenly images on the Not My Tribe website would no longer appear alongside the NMT articles being crowd-aggregated by Facebook users. Now a link to our Snooze … Continue reading

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Pressure Points Radio on homelessness

Pressure Points Radio is show in New York City. Today’s broadcast, which unfortunately I missed, included Our Little Slice of Hell errr Parrot Dice damn that was a bad joke. Ed hasn’t posted it to youtube yet, his youtube channel … Continue reading

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Company wolves in nonpartisan clothing

Would you believe it? Not My Tribe is “nonpartisan!” We favor neither Republican or Democrat, although current usage presumes you are of course one or the other, it’s just that you’ve agreed not to show bias. Nonpartisan is not “non-aligned.” … Continue reading

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Downtown office, Jesus Springs, Colo.

NMT and CFP share a Little London office which looks upon Uncle Wilber.

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Website statistics to sneeze at

TECHNORATI rank 150,765, authority 39 COMPETE rank 102,915, people 14,910 QUANTCAST rank 44,142, monthly traffic 29.8K URLFAN rank 170,901 WEBSITE OUTLOOK rank 449,835, net worth $6818.20?

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It’s time for me to move on

Eric, Marie, and I share absolutely no communality of purpose for doing this blog together, and I have decided that is more than high time to take myself elsewhere. I will not go into a long list of reasons why … Continue reading

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Does this blog suffer from DID, or what?

Not to despair, they say twice as many people have DID as have schizophrenia in the US population. So I figure, too, that at least twice as many blogs have DID, also. Psychiatric diagnoses are kind of like corporate names … Continue reading

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