Get Your Meth and Male Massage Here

I shall be selling meth and male massages outside the New Life Church at 11025 Voyager Parkway Colorado Springs starting at 8:30 Am this Sunday. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! Come join us and offer your own goods up for sale, too. Join us in an orgy of passion for our Lord, this Sunday. It will be a gay time, and maybe we can make some money to do more of the Lord’s work. Also, we will be selling this same merchandise starting at 6 PM, November 11, at our church’s Thou Shalt Laugh Comedy Night. For more information about this comedy event, go to New Life Church. Be there, or be straight and square!

1 thought on “Get Your Meth and Male Massage Here

  1. I saw Haggard’s denial and I think he’s telling the truth, parsing it carefully obviously. Throwing drugs away. Yes, up his nose. Faithful to his wife? Yes, faithful to the arrangement he has with his wife. Steady with her? Sure, ibid. Never had a homosexual relationship? Do you call paying someone to have sex with you a relationship?

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