Halloween and What Would Doctor Dobson Do?

I have just been visiting over at the Focus on Family website and am relieved to find that Dr. Dobson approves on allowing children to go Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. As long as they don’t go as black cats, witches, devils, or Satan himself. Nothing occult, he says. And certainly don’t allow your little ones to go in drag.
This is a relief to me, since too many of our kids have been finding themselves shuffled off to shopping malls and churches, on what used to be the best kid Holiday of them all. Just finding a neighborhood with Trick or Treating kids on the prowl has become increasingly more difficult for parents with kids. So thank you, Dr. Dobson, for taking this particularly controversial stand. Next we know, you’ll be encouraging parents to play penny ante poker with their kids, and teaching them to dance with the other sex without a Bible in hand. Praise the Lord!

3 thoughts on “Halloween and What Would Doctor Dobson Do?

  1. Yeah, but did you see what he asked parents to do when carving pumpkins? I quoted it on my blog…removing the pumpkin gunk is like removing sin from your heart. Or so Dr. Dobson says.

  2. Wow, Grant, Dr. D is creepy. Well, they always say that we, as parents, should be on the lookout for “teachable moments.” I am already planning our pumpkin carving extravaganza. As we carve out the triangular eyes and jagged teeth I’ll explain the difference between the Old Testament’s vindictive “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” and the gentler New Testament (Jesus was so nice) wherein we are instructed to love our enemies and pray for them (uh, thus bringing down burning coals upon their heads….well, that doesn’t seem so nice…we’ll recite that part as we place the candles into the jack o’ lanterns). I’m sure if I do my research beforehand (pray for a snow day tomorrow) I’ll be able to ruin a perfectly good holiday. Wish me luck!

  3. Ah, Halloween, a day to warm the hackles of my pagan heart! But even when I lived in Manitou, I could never find those witches’ covens, where they dance to the devil in the light of the full moon (naked, of course, save for the Birkenstocks). Maybe this year……

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