Knights over Yeomen

Another of the military’s proud legacies: an archaic and anachronistic rank structure, where the Nobles and Knights own the Yeomen, the spear carriers grunts.

They still prosecute Officers (Knights) for fraternizing with the Enlisted Men (peasants, which is an Old French term for ‘belonging to the land’, when one landlord took over another’s estate, he inherited the peasants as well).

One of the crudest forms of this in-your-face rank structure was when women were allowed into the services, in WW2. The hospital workers, even if they were what would now be called Nurse’s Assistants, the female ones at least, were titled Nurse and made Officers.

Meaning in the normal boy-girl interactions, the Noblemen literally were saying “These are OUR women, keep your mangy Enlisted Personnel paws off!”

There is always mutiny, though. That option will be increasingly difficult for the Masters to deal with.

Imagine a universal draft, if you will. Young men and women getting their idealism crushed and treated like just another piece of military equipment… and then being heavily armed with and trained in the use, procurement, and maintenance of the most advanced weapons on Earth…. It was a mistake they made really heavily in the VietNam conflict.

Oh, when will they ever learn?

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