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Close the schools to fund the Drones.. Kansas City Schools face massive cuts

Public Education? We don need no steenkeeng public Education!
Hitler said that Universal Public Education was the most corrosive poison that Liberalism could inflict on itself, that the youth need only be “sufficiently educated to be efficient coolies in our industries” and that the Military Service should be the primary focus of Education.
While looking up the precise quote (from a book written by one of Hitler’s spiritual advisers, never spoken publicly but a private conversation with him) I ran into Google Page after Google Page of Right Wing Freaks who want to dismantle access to Education for the poor, just like their Confederate ancestors hanged people for teaching Black people to read and write, and even had Slave Code laws forbidding Blacks from learning to read.

After all, why would anybody need a quality education in order to succeed as a soldier? And, as Herr Schicklgrueber pointed out (for non-students, that’s Hitler’s paternal grandfathers name, his daddy was born out of wedlock, unlike the Self Made bastards who worship his philosophy.)

Meanwhile, the Rogue State is deploying more Drones. Drones where the only skill you need to operate them is playing video games.

And of course the Human drones who are “just following orders” and for whom an education that stresses logic would not only be superfluous, but counter to the whole mission.
“You will kill these people because you’re told to do so”. SAY WHUT?
“We say there are WMDs in Iraq, therefore you will go and slaughter anybody in Iraq who does not bow before the emperor”. (The babies are just “bonus”)

You see, if the “troops” were educated in things that relate to decision making, like, for instance, questioning assertions, using logic, employing Empirical Logic (which counters Imperial Dogma) they would have asked a few questions, such as:
According to the Penta-Goons, the Iraqi Army was composed of mostly poorly educated, fed, trained, paid Teenage Conscripts who were in really bad physical shape and had really low morale.

That’s logical, many Puppet Dictatorships who were either overtly or covertly supported by the Reagan Crime Cartel actually have exactly those issues.

Next according to Bush, the nerve gas, a million pounds of it in 55 gallon containers, was moved at an hours notice ahead of the U.N. inspectors. Nerve gas which is volatile, or would be if it even existed and requires special training to handle, special storage facilities, and even with those conditions met, has a nasty habit of leaking and causing civilian casualties even in the United States Armories, which are usually miles away from towns.
55 gallon drums which would weigh 450 pounds apiece. 2400 of them. Moved quickly by skinny, underfed teenage boys who did not and could not POSSIBLY have the level of training necessary to handle Nerve Gas.

With a HUGE LIE like that as the very basis for every other statement, a person trained in logic and the Scientific Method of analysis (Empirical) would then judge each consecutive statement and any concurrent statements as being very likely untrue.

So they don’t want Soldiers to be exactly what you would call “smart”. Smart people ask questions.

Silly Sarah tries to make political hay from Family Guy episode.

Sarah without lipstickYeah, right. Mrs Palin, the problem is that Family Guy pokes fun at you and makes references to your Nazi and other White Supremacist ties.
Try to wrap it in some kind of concern for the Disabled, your opposition to Adequate Health Care killed any chance at that, babe. Just like your Tantrum Party and you, opposing health care, kill Americans at the rate of 130 a day (generously low estimate) and every single one of them Disabled.
Silly Sarah, Presidency is for somebody intelligent. Not a Corporate Suck who chants Oil Company slogans then claims to stand up to Big Oil.
We’ve already recently de-installed one Oil Company Suck, his picture is at the upper left. Your fake concern for Disabled people is as insulting, more so, than any joke on any television show. We don’t need your pity, and we don’t need your so-called advocacy, and we most definitely don’t need your Sick, Murdering Tea Party to be running our country.

The Plan: big & stupid ideas for America

Rahm EmanuelOur blog’s most fervent Democrat challenged me to enlighten about the new chief of staff for Barack Obama (Rahmbo) and his book, ‘The Plan: Big Ideas for America’. Well here it is straight from antiwar.com’s website… Obama’s chief of staff choice favors compulsory universal service Even a cursory look at this material illustrates that Barack Obama and his crew want to even further militarize America, using this plan as a Trojan Horse to capture the support of the politically ignorant and naive cheerleaders they now have. They want a military draft in place.

No, they will call it a Civilian Service Plan or some other cover up name for what they are planning to do. They will talk about IDEALISM, HOPE, and CHANGE. But what will remain in the essence is forced conscription of young people into a so-called “anti-terrorism response team,” militarized to the point of the Homeland Security nitwits at all our airports.

The Plan: Big and Stupidly Poor Ideas for America, brought to you by the Democratic Party. But we absolutely don’t need further militarization of this country’s corrupt military patronage welfare system of jail guards/ soldiers/ police/ and vets. Nor do we need the Democratic Party itself running things in cahoots with their Republican Party politician/ businessmen/ lawyer friends..