No wrist slapping permitted

In a remarkable reversal, the U.S. military has decided that even a slap on the wrist would be too much torture for an American soldier to bear.
Suffocating an Iraqi general, tying him head first in a sleeping bag, sitting on his chest, covering his mouth as he tries to call out to his god. These are acceptable methods apparently.

The death of the Iraqi general was just an example of American torture come to light. When he died, his interrogators thought he had simply fainted and they sought to revive him with a splash of water. Does this make you wonder how many times they brought this general to the point of death?

Indeed how many subjects have been abused this way?

According to the LA TIMES, “Welshofer, who has spent 17 years in the Army, is also charged with slapping another detainee, wrapping him in a sleeping bag, and body-slamming him. He said he wasn’t sure to which of the many detainees he interrogated the charge referred.”

Welshofer was not convicted of murder. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He was not sentenced to serve any time in prison. He was not demoted. He was fined and released. Is that even a wrist slap?

Perhaps the American people can raise a class-action suit against the U.S Army for its decision not to jail Welshofer for the murder of his interrogation subject. Is is not “reckless endangerment” to put this cold-blooded, calculating murderer unto the streets?

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