Oaxaca- the people continue to battle back

Viva La Lucha PopularWhat a turnaround. The Mexican and US elites have underestimated the people’s will to resist in Oaxaca. People arrived from around the country in support of the embattled local population, and the result was a massive demonstration Sunday of possibly up to half a million people. The demonstration was said to stretch for 3 miles along the highway entering the city!
Here in the US, this was not really reported on, even though a tiny proPRI demo earlier in the week received exaggerated US media attention. The Gazette, for example, had a big article about this pro sicario action that made it seem huge, when it was certainly not that in the least. There is more great footage of this struggle online.

The turnaround for the people began when the students on the campus successfully beat back a military attack on their stronghold at the university on November 2. This film coverage is entirely in Spanish, but it is obvious what is going on. Once again, we can see that self-defense includes being able to respond in non-pacifist resistance. See the population’s necessary response to military attacks

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