A society that routinely abuses children produces violent citizens

Lots of people once again are talking about the dangers of guns. No doubt about it, a society so thoroughly militarized as US society is certainly got an overload of guns. But guns alone are not the problem alone. Just who are the young people that obsess on shooting and killing? They like to play violent videos oftentimes, and their tastes in music, video, and literature tend towards the violent, too. But why? What makes for such personality disorders like the ones we see more and more often today amongst young people, many of them who want to run amok?

I’ve got a friend, who has been urging me for a long while to write about Mormons. He hates them, in short. His hatred of them is fanatical and while I find it extreme, I certainly can understand why he got the way he did. Right Wing religious groups tend to abuse the young and that abuse can oftentimes produce extreme hatred in the victims. Put that abuse together with evolved hate, then combine that with guns and hold on there! You have a volatile combination.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not know if the latest has anything directly to do with religion? I do not know if the youngsters that assaulted a gay teenager last week in Pueblo were from Right Wing religious families either? I do not know if the Columbine shooters were from that background. What I do know is that the Religious Right routinely mistreats children in their control. That’s just a given, I think. And that’s where the Mormons come in. And the Catholic Right. And the Southern Baptists (I know them personally). And the Benny Hinn style Pentecostal nuts talking in tongues. Crazy adults produce crazed kids. Add the Pentagon based economy, and anything can happen.

And it just did, once again. ( To my friend, I finally did write about your Mormons.)

2 thoughts on “A society that routinely abuses children produces violent citizens

  1. I’m not sure I completely agree with you Tony. There are plenty of people who grow up in totally f-ed up families who turn out to be productive members of society that do not inflict any harm upon others. But then again, there are a lot of people who came from f-ed up families who are pretty kooky, to say the least. As a high school teacher, I have to say, half of America should NOT be having children. I get to see them after they’ve been subjected to at least 14 years of psychological damage. And the damage runs the gamut.

    There are also those individuals who decide that life isn’t all up to destiny, but rather it’s up to the individual. I’ve got several friends who came from very unhealthy families who are some of the smartest and hyper-aware people I know. It’s really about the fact that our society seems to highlight the “I’m not responsible-factor”, and people tend to not really read the fine-print and have extraordinary short-term memories, in order to convince themselves to remain in denial. Never underestimate the power of denial.

    In my experience though, most of the people I know who were subjected to extremely control-freak type parents that based their behavior on “God’s Will” (Be it Christian, Mormon, Mennonite, Muslim, Catholic, or whatever), definitely seem to be the ones who were the most rebellious, did the most outrageous things, and usually ended up doing something really ridiculous like doing crimes, participating in very promiscuous behavior, and/or taking mass amounts of illegal substances.

    Just think about children like trying to tame a tiger. Even though that tiger might stand up on its hind legs and jump through flaming hoops of fire, it still always possess the power to bite your f-ing head off when it gets sick of having that whip cracked behind it. Most kids end up growing up and then being really distant from their parents because their parents don’t “know” them or make any serious effort to understand where they are coming from.

    It’s a tragedy when people go postal and shoot a bunch of people, but the signs for such behavior are ALWAYS there and are always very apparent; it’s just a matter of others taking responsibility and speaking up when they see that something is awry with another human being.

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