Ecuador joins with Venezuela in dumping 2 party corporate system rule

Ecuador has just broken the back of the traditional 2 party corporate system there, by voting 83% in favor of constitutional changes that will destroy the ability of the Conservative Party and the Radical Liberal Party to have the oligarchs continue to rule in that country. They have joined with constitutional changes in Venezuela that did exactly the same, taking away the dominance that the corrupt 2 traditional parties there had over the Venezuelan people.

Viva Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez, presidents of the 2 countries! Now lets do the same in the US, too! We don’t need 2 corporate dominated parties here while having none for the people. That’s not democracy at all, but is a colossal fraud. Time to get rid of both of them. Dump the Democrats and Republicans both! They’re destroying our country.

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  1. Avatar Lane says:

    Destroying is the word. I’ve never deen such a mess!

    Since George W. Bush has been president, more than five million Americans have slipped into proverty, including one million children. This country now has the very dubious distinction of having, by far, the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth.
    How do you have a great economy, a booming economy, when five million more Americans have slipped into poverty?
    Median income has declined in our country for five years in a row. Americans understand that the economy is not doing well when the personal savings rate is below zero – which has not happened since the Great Depression. –Sen. Bernie Sanders

    As of April 2004, President Bush had made 33 trips to Crawford during his presidency, bringing his total to more than 230 days at the ranch in just over three years. “Add his 78 trips to Camp David and five to his family’s compound at Kennebunkport, Maine, and Bush has spent all or part of 500 days – or about 40 percent of his presidency – at one of these his three retreats.” “Bush Retreats to a Favorite Getaway: Crawford ranch,” Houston Chronicle, April 11, 2004.

    And it’s not just the GOP either. The Clinton administration “reformed” welfare and oversaw the massive consolidation of the media during his watch.
    I’m with you Tony, let’s dump these turkeys and get some real democracy – NOW!

    “How do we talk about a strong economy when seven million Americans have lost their health insurance since President Bush has been in office and when we now have 47 million Americans with no health insurance at all?

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