Another local political rally shot down in flames

Cripple Creek memorial ride 2006According to the Omygodzette, The City Fathers of Cripple Creek starting putting so many restrictions on the Annual Veterans Memorial Bike Rally, the usual organizers for the event said freak it, and are moving the Rally to Winter Park.

Everybody who they interviewed said they (the people of Cripple Creek and Victor) loved the bikes, the bikers, and noted that these guys spent buttloads of money there, and there wasn’t any of the crap you usually see associated with say, Sturgis. So what was the problem? The city manager said there was no prejudice on their part against the bikers (yeah, right!) but the outgoing Decider for who gets a permit had messed up the deal, because the rally was “too biker, not enough veterans” like that really makes one huge difference. There isn’t a law that says how much a Veterans Memorial ANYTHING should reflect the Government Ideal for a Veterans Memorial.

Here I have to insert, the Omygodzette reporter was obviously digging for somebody who would speak against the bike rally. It’s just how they “fair and balanced” report the news. And I would also like to add, I wouldn’t buy their paper by the ton lot to be used as a firewood alternative. Although I might steal it from their recycling dumpsters for that purpose….

But you know the Wall, right? Yeah, that Wall. In Washing Tundy Sea. There was a controversy about the design. Seems our favorite Bill Owens Crony, H Ross Perot, had sponsored a contest judged by veterans for the design. The Wall was overwhelmingly approved, by 3 to one over the runner up, that statue of the soldiers at the monument. Then it was discovered, at the award ceremony photo-op set up by Ross and McCain and other heavy hitting right wing Veterans Affairs Deciders, that the young lady who designed it was ethnically Asian, third generation Chinese American. How to defuse this bomb how do we proceed …

Messieurs McCain and Perot et alia tried to push off the idea that there were some irregularities, tried to replace the Wall with the statue, but they couldn’t come up with enough courage to state their Very Obvious objection, that the Wall was designed by somebody who they consider a “gook”. One reason they couldn’t was Perot was running for President, like he had a chance in Hell of making it.

So they made the command decision to keep their promise, and break it at the same time, by putting in the statue of the GIs.

It’s really tragic that the Government spends OUR money for their Thank a Vet campaign, but we can only show our support or at least lack of animosity in a way that Reflects the Official Policy.

In case anybody has forgotten, the Commander in Chimp has repeatedly tried to cut the VA budget. For such basics as Health Care. Cut it further, I might add, his Poppy and Poppy’s ex-boss Ronnie Ray-gun had already gutted veteran’s benefits. To help finance His War. Which is going to produce even more disabled Vets and disabled Civilians on the Other Side.

Now there’s a Thank A Vet memorial worthy of note.

And ladies and gentlemen, I for sure am going to note it repeatedly.

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