The Berlin Wall of the Americas

Security fence barrier wall intended to keep people from crossing
Is this the Berlin Wall? Is it the Israel-Palestine Apartheid Barrier? Is it the Security Fence being erected along the southern US border? Are we looking at it from the outside or the inside? Does this wall block entry or exit?
Consider the news that activists ne-plus-ultra Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright were just denied entry/exit to Canada, where there’s not even a wall.

Security walls imprison people, no matter which side. Walls separate us from higher paying jobs on the other side, or lower cost drugs [on the other side]. Walls divide to conquer. Walls/fences frustrate us that our grass is insufficiently green. No one, especially US Americans, should be applauding walls. This one twice the height of the wall in Berlin. We are building our prison nation. Welcome to East Germany. I believe you have already met the Stasi.

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