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Freedom Flotilla II faces Shayetet13 in showdown at the naval siege of Gaza

It promises to be quite a showdown. Israel has repeated that it will let no ship through to Gaza, the IDF has promised “surprises” for the would-be blockade-runners, while this relief convoy is upping the ante with luminaries political and … Continue reading

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Donald Rumsfeld, The War Criminal! War Criminal! War Criminal! Enjoy your evening…

I am not a great fan of Medea Benjamin as a general rule, but she certainly got this one right at the Correspondents Dinner! Medea Benjamin on hand to love former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

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Green Party-pooper insubordination more embarrassing than imaginable

And I thought I hade a vivid imagination. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has issued a press release detailing her explicit intention to participate in the Sunday DNC rally. The letter is very diplomatic but it spells out the … Continue reading

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The Rosa Parks Lone Rider Theory

Urban mythologists would have us believe that Rosa Parks launched the Civil Rights Movement all on her lonesome. Why? Because that’s exactly how it’s not done. And the corporate tale spinners have no interest in educating the public about how societal reform is accomplished. Continue reading

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