Blue Monday, ah blue Monday

so ok. I somehow knew that Monday morning would bring the follies of a political writers wildest dreams. The first, y’all heard tell of that bomb scare at the Port of Miami, well, it was a false alarm.
The po-po’ s were talking about the incident in which 3 Arabic men, who didn’t speak much English, were detained and their container truck searched and probed and scanned and all kind of ugly nasty things… but they are claiming that the incident wasn’t spawned by the fact that the men were swarthy and arabic. No, it was a miscommunication at the front gate, which had cleared the truck to pass, and counted all the men inside, but the next checkpoint didn’t see but one of them as they pulled up to it. Nope, no racism involved, and America can rest easy knowing their Homeland is Secure. This reminds me eerily of the Shoney’s incident of 5 years ago.

The second story, a great victory for Saddam, the charges were dropped in court today… Of course the only reason they were dropped was a formality, of course also the conviction for which he was hanged still stands.

and on to the Third… Prince William, Billy the Kid so the Queen can sue me… (she specifically demanded at the announcement of his birth that no one was to call him anything but William, and particularly not Bill or Billy.)

Well, he has finished Military School and about to take up residency and duties in the Blues and Royals Household Cavalry. He is expected to familiarize himself with the regiment he is to command. He will eventually, after training, be the leader of an armored vehicle squadron.
Good Show, Bill! A large question looms in all our minds, and I suppose you know what it is, Bill.
Are you going to lead the troops by example, and volunteer to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan?

Here’s a better plan, and within the prerogatives of Royalty, and in your family, it was never very uncommon.

ooohh royalty and un”common” all in the same sentence heehee I make a funny…

But seriously, Mr Bill, why not off your daddy and grandmum and just make off with the whole pie?
Be a self-made orphan and put yourself on the fast track to the Crown. It is fox hunting season, you know.

There have been hunting …accidents… in your family before, you know.

Then declare victory in Iraq and get the fuck out. The decision to make war rests with the Crown, does it not?

You would need Commons to fund it, the Lords to sit around looking silly, in order to start a war.
On the other hand you need no such approval to STOP your subjects’ participation in it. Even Tony “the Poodle” Blair would be powerless to prevent it.

Suck it up, lad! Do it for your Patriotic Honor! Your grand-mum is a senile old bitch and your Pater is a dangerously inbred idiot who isn’t fit for the throne either. Keep a stiff upper lip and show some Royal guts! Literally.

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