Burma, Chevron, the US, and China

Burma lies politically and geographically sandwiched between the 3 major encroaching powers of India, China, and the US. See India cuts to the chase in Myanmar

The country’s military rulers have tried to maintain some semblance of internal control over the national economy by brutally suppressing its own population, which is deeply divided along ethnic lines. All this began to fall apart when the regime was forced to more than double fuel prices this August, prices which had been previously held artificially lower than world world prices. Thus, the rebellion began.

In effect, the country is becoming yet another US-China battle line in the military and economic struggle for position to control world fuel sources. In the center smack dab, is Chevron, which owns the major source of fuel produced by the country Let’s hope that somewhere in all this international propaganda battle to place blame, that the Myanmar people themselves can gain control over their own country, and keep it independent of US, Chinese, and national military control.

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