Slavery kills the children the most

New York opens slave burial site
A 17th Century slave cemetery hidden away for over 2 centuries was opened up in New York City and guess what? What was found was that 50% of the bodies of slaves buried were under 12 years old. Is that really surprising though?

When we go out and examine the world of slavery that the US and its ‘free enterprise system’ has created around the world, we find that this modern form of slavery continues to kill the kids off non stop, same as the old fashioned class system of chattel slave ownership once did. Millions upon millions of children die each year from hunger and disease. Isn’t that pornographic?

Here is the same system of slavery that its proponents claim is the bastion of maintaining world freedom, yet this system abuses children, maims them, and YES, it murders them off without hardly a tear shed by capitalism’s proponents. They, in fact, think it a natural state for children to be living in. They don’t care about all this abuse. All this is very sad. All this is very sick. Trillions upon trillions dedicated to abusing the world’s children.

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