Call to arms, Broadmoor, 11am Thursday

Click to see more banners over the Broadmoor
On Monday Citizens for Peace In Space greeted attendees of the week-long 23rd Annual Space Symposium held at the Broadmoor. It’s the annual gathering of the world’s leading war profiteers. The corporations who hold the contracts to put weapons in space are the same ones earning billions off the war in Iraq, with no end in sight. The air was so convivial even we were treated like regulars.
And there was also the regular escalation of counter-protest measures. This year they closed the sidewalk. We left to regroup.
UPDATE: The Broadmoor and CSPD police are enforcing a new permit ordinance whereby they can close the public sidewalk for the duration of the Space Arms Bazaar. Freedom from Speech by city permit? Come on Thursday to see if that’s constitutional!

Bill Sulzman got hold of the Special Event Permit, it reads: “This permit grants exclusive use of the sidewalks on the east side of Lake Circle, from the south of Lake Avenue, to the north at the edge of the parking garage during above listed dates/times.”

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