It’s against the law to be for peace and not for war

The Tejon Street stand off, taser versus maracaTodays peace contingent in the Colorado Springs Saint Patricks Day parade was physically attacked by the police about 5 minutes after we began the walk. One or two people were told that our permission to participate had been revoked, and within seconds the police assaulted us.

Most of us never even heard that they were revoking the permission that we had to participate at all, before we found ourselves watching the police assault selected members our our group. This assault occurred as hundreds looked on in shock. Children began to cry as they saw their parents being taken down and put into choke holds while in handcuffs behind their back face down on the pavement. One of us who was unable to actually walk was pulled from the vehicle accompanying us onto the pavement and bruised badly enough as she was pulled across the pavement to need ememrgency care at Memorial Hospital. Leaders of the 2 main peace groups in Colorado Springs were assaulted, placed in handcuffs, and then held in police cars while being processed. Several children became lost in the parade as they were slightly ahead of their parents who found themselves in the melee.

There was absolutely no cause for our permission to be revoked in such a manner. We had our signs out, our peace shirts on, and a few green flags with peace symbols on them before the parade even got off. The time between the notification for us to remove ourselves from the parade and when the police began their attack was just a second or two. It was as if this was a deliberate plan to have an excuse to physcially assault us, since being for peace in a parade of this sorts in Colorado Springs certainly was little more than being mere balance to the army fatigues on children in some groups, plus the contingents of pro war city council parading their campaigns in front of the crowd. No problem for those people at all, yet we evidently merited a police assault in the middle of the parade!

I have just seen some of the local TV coverage where the only comment about this assault is that people for peace had no permission to protest here by parade organizers. We had gotten permission to participate in this event, and then within seconds we had this permission revoked and an assault on us began. Certainly if the parade directors had felt we were not wanted, they could easily have notified us with more than a few seconds before having the cops beat on us. The fact that they did not, speaks loudly to the piossibility that they delberately cherished the idea of assaulting peace people walking with them, even as pro military contingents were widely evident and welcomed everywhere in the parade.

There was even one group of about 20-25 kids dressed up in Rambo fatigues, but our peace signs were used as reason to assault a group of mainly retired people! Pretty sad stuff overall. I think that the kids with us learned a lot about America today.

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8 Responses to It’s against the law to be for peace and not for war

  1. Eric Eric says:

    Let’s note too that the police smashed three of our banners, ordering us to furl the rest, and forbade any of us to return to the parade vicinity.

    An odd thing too, the police never identified themselves as such, nor declared us under arrest, before or while they grabbed our arms and wrists and wrestled us to the ground. I thought they were Haliburton-Pinkerton types and I had no intention of being ousted from the parade on their prerogative.

  2. Avatar Kevin & Alexandra Johnson says:

    I was waiting to join the parade with the St. Baldrick’s group on St. Vrain when I saw the police jump in front of the peace protesters and declare that they did not have a permit. They clearly had a permit hanging from the rear view mirror of the Bookman van.

    What happened next was unbelievable and extremely disturbing. One policeman jumped into the van and drug out the driver, while another officer started choking a grey haired woman around the neck. Another person was drug across the asphalt, so that their pants had fallen down and their bare skin was raked off.

    This was all for a ‘fun’ St. Patrick’s parade? Why did the police have to act with such brute strength?

    This reminds me of the protest against the Iraq war in 2003, when police used tear gas and rubber bullets on the protesters. There were millions of peaceful protests in cities all over the world on the same day, but only in Colorado Springs was there this kind of police brutality towards peace protestors.

    Colorado Springs was recently voted the second most conservative city in the Nation. Do we want live in a place that prevents free speech and only allows pro-war messages while brutally attacking people who want peace?

    This must be addressed and changed!

  3. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Go to the Newspeak blog to see some pictures. Un-fucking-believable.

  4. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    See also News Blab…Mike has a link to some great photos taken by a bystander.

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    Just saw at the bottom left corner of the follow-the-links Channel 11 coverage, the story was number 2 on the most viewed list.

  6. Avatar jonah says:

    I noticed too, and it’s been eating at me for the past hour or so, there was a Right Wing Freak sitting very near the corner, so I am sure the PIGS heard him, yelling loudly that we should be run over.

    In other words, making terroristic threats, urging the violent deaths of Americans for daring to express ideas different than his…

    But the PIGS didn’t wrestle him to the ground or bar him from the parade.

    Typical Gestapo thug tactics.

    I politely yet forcefully confronted him with his hypocrisy and the COWARD NAZI punk called me a “dope smoking hippie”, when mentioned that I don’t get high he said that I looked like I did, so that automatically makes me in the wrong.

    But of course, the Local Gestapo didn’t do anything to stop him from his Cowardly, Terroristic hate speech.

    The uniformed thugs were too busy repressing people who had expressed the view that KILLING PEOPLE isn’t right.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Here is the link to the photos of demonstrators being assaulted by police at News Blab. Plus, I think that Channel 11 did a pretty fair job of reporting on this one at their web site.

    Jonah, you are absolutely right that some of the Right wingers there were looking for our blood. A few were in an assaultive mood egged on by what the police themselves were doing to us. A few spectators were acting as if we had assaulted the police and not the other way around. Probably most spectators were just stunned, but many of them actively were also voicing their support for us, too. This was a shameful day for the Colorado Springs police and also the city government itself for allowing this sort of stuff to happen once again in the city.

  8. Avatar The 13th says:

    ok i found these links. a suggest to compile this story in full remains. once again… sorry per all. so sad…

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