David Barsamian on Targeting Iran

David Barsamian of Alternative RadioA last minute opportunity arose to have David Barsamian visit the Springs to raise awareness of this administration’s war aims on Iran.
Most of us dismiss a prospective attack on Iran as utter lunacy, yet experts have been warning us about the collision course Bush is taking. David Barsamian has recently returned from a trip to Iran, and will publish a book in May titled TARGETING IRAN.
Come Thursday night at 7pm at the Hillside Center.

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3 Responses to David Barsamian on Targeting Iran

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Check out Senator John McCains’s sick, sick, sick, sick, sick performance about bombihng, bombing, bombing Iran. It’s on tape. Arizona must be so proud that it has elected an official of this caliber.


  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thank you, David. You gave a great talk!

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