Bush declares war on Iran and Syria

To all effects Bush declared war on Iran and Syria tonight in his State of the Union address. He pretty much made it clear that the so-called ‘surge’ targets these 2 countries, and has little to do with the situation in Iraq itself. His speech was an announcement that he plans to further regionalize the war. All that is left is simply to find the suitable pretext to start the bombings off, but Bush left no doubt that that would be just right around the corner.

Out of babes comes the voice of wisdom and reason. I watched this speech in the presence of several kids. One of them asked me, that “if the Democrats are against Bush, then why are they there with Bush?” Exactly. It’s not like they had to come. It’s not like they had to stay quiet and not Boo the president. It’s not like they had to stand up for him and clap throughout the speech. Why are kids smart enough to ask this reasonable question, yet American adults are too brain dead to do the same?

How nauseating to see the triangle of Bush-Cheney-Pelosi in front of us on that TV. Sure Pelosi made a face or two, but then again she clapped, shook hands, and almost engaged in sex with the president in front of the entire country. This is opposition? And the rest of the Democrats were no better other than in perhaps stage managing their facial gestures slightly better. Ed Kennedy was the grand winner in that department, as he seemed to have down pat the holding of his head as if with a horrible migraine. Utterly ridiculous.

This is not an opposition, and America is not a democracy. A country that has opposing political factions does not behave like this. We need to move on past all these Democratic Party controlled MoveOn liberals and their poli gurus, and begin to build a real opposition party to these (DP-RP) shenanigans. We are going to have this war carried on, and yet almost all the country seems to be in some sort of trance of denial. So damn ready to buy more stupid lies from the venal thieves that are out there trying to destroy any possible stability within the Middle East, all to grab that oil like the imperialist vampires they most certainly really are.

I challenge the Colorado Springs radicals and liberals. We did not get it together enough to build anything in coordination with this weekend’s national demonstrations against the war. But Denver did. We need to get on over there this Saturday 12 noon at the State Capitol building, and add our numbers to this protest. It’s way too little and way too late, but much better than to do absolutely nothing.

Governor Ritter will be speaking at 9AM at the ‘Unity’ meeting in Denver, and should be challenged as to why the hell he’s not protesting this war at noon at the capitol building in person, being the grand big shot liberal that he represents himself as? It’s time to call these Democratic Party assholes-donkeyholes on the carpet just as we should do with Bush and his cronies. They’re really the same people and they’re going to sit on their butts, clap, and go along with this new barbarism being prepared for the Iranian and Syrian people by their Republican buddies.

We either get out into the streets, are we become utterly complicit with the crimes being prepared by the bipartisan corporate gang we currently have in power. They are in it together. It’s as simple as that and we need to get going. They are going to extend this war, and not close it down. That’s the state of the union.

5 thoughts on “Bush declares war on Iran and Syria

  1. The war is here, it seems.
    The government declared war against all americans, even those who go along with the commander – in – Chimp…
    It is an atrocity against God and Man. The revolution is our only remaining option.

    If Pelosi is serious about her post-mortem of the speech, she can act tonight, as speaker, To Have That Stupid Fucker Committed. He can be arrested and the Speaker of the House has the deciding hand in the decision, Commit, or Cave?

    She can call an emergency session of congress to vote, IMMEDIATELY as in before the sun rises, and take the fucker out of there in a straight jacket.

    I strongly suspect that beneath the cleverly constructed and very deeply buried records of his being grounded in 1973 by a flight surgeon, there is a Nervous Breakdown. He doesn’t have any PHYSICAL problems that could be traced to that time, does he? No fading vision, Never saw a picture of him in glasses, but that could be an oversight (p-u that was a bad joke) on my part. No injuries, at least no record of him being treated for any physical problems in the 30+ years since then.
    Any physical problem that severe, left untreated for 30 years, would only get very much worse.
    As far as I can see that is the ONLY card that Congress actually has left, and they better play it really damned soon.

  2. Bother Jonah, it does no good to call Bush crazy when it is quite clear that he is not. I don’t understand why so many on the Left insist on this approach? The individual that is our president is not anywhere alone the problem so why rant and rail that he is?

    We cannot change the religious Right and b etter off supporters of Bush. At least, not without a crowbar. But most Americans are not so morally corrupted as to either be a Religious Nut, or a Right Wing businessman. Most belong to 2 other major camps of views.

    The largest of them is the group that is just so alienated that they do not vote or think that it is possible anyway to change things by any personal effort they might make, so they make no effort usually at all.

    The other remaining group is what I think of as the suckered ‘pragmatic’ one. They act ‘responsibly (as defined for them by the ruling class)) all the time as they are suckered into seeing it. They go out and vote, and even occasionally go to a political event or two. They are almost always suckered into thinking that they are the pragmatic voter, as compared to the lazy nonvoter. This group ifs the group of the motivated do-gooder element, that puts much effort into being useful, but almost always in a most useless manner.

    In short, they vote, and so what? Thayt’s about the main input they offer. They are almost always middleclass, as compared to the unmovitvated non-voter crowd that is usually marginalized working class.

    Bush and his group are not crazy, Jonah. They act quite rationally and defend their interests as they see it. You and I may disagree with them, but it is pure bluster and misrepresentation to rave and rant that the folk you disagree with are insane, when in fact they are not. It comes off rather badly, though I certainly can understand the anger.

  3. There is a strong neurotic behavior disorder that fits right in there. It’s a mania actually, megalomania. And even if he isn’t under the strict definition of “insanity” that would get him a reduced charge in a capital case, he has left himself, and his entire cabinet, open. Wide open. Wide open with a red white and blue flashing target on the weak spot. Medically unfit would get him and Cheney out of office much faster than moral corruption. Not bluster, and I wouldn’t want a mad dog in the street treated the way the system does those who are deemed “insane” or even suspected of it.

    But the Surgeon General answers to Congress, not The Executive. He can order a comprehensive medical examination.

    I know the law on the Insanity Defense, there was a huge debate on it when John Hinckley shot Reagan and Brady, then quote “got away with it” end quote by pleading insanity. Hinckley is still in jail, even if you call it a country club hospital,
    and Mr Bush and his family have come out strongly in favor of killing “criminals” even if they are under the very strict language used to determine guilt or not guilty by reason of insanity. The case of Darla Routier leaps to mind.

    Like I say, it is a tool that can be used to take back our country. Or begin to do so. The first and most important issue now is getting him out of the seat of power. Before he and his cartel get us all killed.
    Or a violent revolution gets us all killed, and leaves the country open for the next Hitler.

    I’m all for Constitutional means of getting the job done, or at least started. Which is why I explore such things as Civil Commitment, criminal charges, things that would lead to a Non-Violent and still rapid change of direction.

    For all that, it isn’t hot anger driving me it is pure cold fear. We have people who are at best emotionally unstable with their fingers on the triggers of more WMDs than the whole rest of the world combined, and they have demonstrated their capacity for killing without remorse. If there is to be an immediate impeachment or some other constitutional powers showdown, one that would be winnable, we have to toss up every possible motive for doing so.

    The charges of mass murder, treason and what ever, like the ones against Saddam and against Slobodan, could take years.

    And mental incompetence doesn’t limit itself to insanity. He and his masters have demonstrated that they don’t have a good idea how to use the powers entrusted to them.

    And a civil commitment for testing, while restrictive, would give them the option of either finally accepting the expressed will of the people, or contesting the findings that led to the commitment procedures, or leaving themselves open to the massive charges related to their crimes without a defense of diminished capacity.

    And this would further take the decision and place it within the medical system or subsystem under the strict supervision of the courts. Rather than in the hands of the mob.

    You can bet your ass and mine that they have enough legal clout not to be simply “disappeared” into the psychiatric system without the most rigorous of oversight.

    The people who believe in the system, enough to want to vote, and able to vote, did vote. They voted for the removal of power from him. If that takes removal of him from power, then that’s what will have to happen. And it’s far more than the disaffected continual rebels like me who are talking and planning for the possibility of violent revolution.
    People DIE in revolutions. Revolution isn’t a tool that can be wielded and used to shape any group’s agenda.
    It is as out of control a situation as anything could possibly be.

    If congress can take him down, without the specter of the mass actions of very angry and frightened people who suddenly would not give a rat’s ass about the constitution or any other laws, they have to act quickly.

  4. Pretty good for not having done my coffee or tai chi yet. Just got my coffee drank between posting that last and this one.

    Revolutionaries don’t determine when or how revolutions occur. That’s the scope of the discussion we have with Mr Slivka on the subject of Dr Fidel.

    There would be nothing you or I could do to start a revolution, or control it once it gets going. But if we can hold one off, we owe it to ourselves, our families, our friends our nation and God, whether or not you believe in any of it.

    We owe it to ourselves and families first, if for no other reason than we have a huge target painted on US and we are in the cross hairs.

    Raving about it, as you mentioned, wouldn’t get us anywhere, action will.
    I see by the time that the action at the senator’s office is going on. Also that Eric needs to change his computer’s clock to daylight time or at least mountain time zone. The time stamps on these posts are exactly an hour off.

    But if there isn’t a pitched battle going in the streets right now, Godspeed you will get to read this and we together might work out a better way of phrasing this.

    I was about to type that at least I didn’t hear sirens going, but now I do hear them.

  5. Jonah, I don’t think much about Bush the individual, but he is not crazy. I don’t even think that he has that much of a big ego. He is not crazy and I’m not going to label him as such. It does a disservice to our own cause to misrepresent this issue as Bush the individual. It hinders communication.

    I disagree with Bush’s politics, not his personality. He is not crazy, and neither was Hitler, Pinochet, or any number of other thoroughly despicable historical figures. Murderous politics does not come from personal craziness. There are other causes.

    America is heading for a crash against a brick wall, and it has nothing ot do with Bush himself. He is a figurehead for a team that chose him to head them up. This team is not crazy either, but just murderous.

    The majority of the Democratic Party politicans, in a way, are as much a part of this team that Bush leads as the neo-con Republicans are. They are enablers. They have agreed to more or less go back and forth in a shared power scheme with each other. Are we going to label these politicans crazy, too, Jonah? Crooked, sorry, immoral, cynical, dishonest, vicious, they are, but crazy they are not.

    Hey! Each time we protest over at Allard’s office, the better it feels. Next time we should order pizza, because we protest so much there it’s beginning to feel almost like our home away from home. Allard’s folk even allowed some of us to enter his den this time!

    They admitted they were wrong to be such a chimps before! I meant chumps/// Well whatever…. And outside, we got all sorts of support by people passing by.

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