How cavalierly they have destroyed the peace in Somalia

Americans have one of the most self-centered medias in the world. Our whole corporate media universe revolves around a DisneyLand fairy tale version of ‘ourselves’. One week it is Ann Nicole Smith, and this week it has been the shootings at Virginia Tech. We are to see no interconnections with the rest of the world outside our borders as much as the corporate hacks can make it possible. Their media tears are as shallow as a mall shopping experience is.

Yes, the killings at Virginia Tech were part of our real world, but so is the news of what our attack on Somalia has brought about…. what our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have brought about. Disgusting but true, the US attack on Somalia, which the corporate media pretends has not happened, now has created over 320,000 refugees fleeing Mogadishu, out of a population of 2,000,000 according to the United Nations. Our government creates neither national security, nor international. Our bipartisan corporate government seems only able to destroy and never to construct.

Bush changed the colors of his tie today, to express supposedly some concern about the shootings at Virgiania Tech! What a shallow phoney the man is. What a shallow display of ‘mourning’ our media engages in. There is neither peace in Virginia, peace in Colorado, nor peace that ‘our government has brought to the people of Africa. That whole continent is a powder keg of suffering, war, poverty, disease, and despair. How cavalierly our rulers have destroyed the peace in Somalia just as they did to Iraq, Colombia, and Afghanistan. How cavalierly they are as they destroy the peace of America, too.

Unfortunately, much of our population has helped bring their own increasing misery about. Sad days lie ahead until apathy asnd playing stupid gets laid aside. Until then, the violence continues everywhere and that’s no DisneyLand world at all. US citizens will not escape this nightmare either.

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