Belligerence leads us to war

By now Americans have learned our government’s routine of starting with belligerence and following with war. Between the start and finish, lies are used to justify our aggression. This time the intended victims are the people of Iran, whose country President Bush’s advisers have been wanting to attack for some time. Our current hesitation seems only to be about finding excuses for starting hostilities, after which bombing will begin and chaos will follow.

Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan lie in ruins amidst the ever-increasing strife the US has caused. Everywhere US warfare has generated terrorist acts, refugees fleeing for their lives, and deaths of innocent civilians including those most vulnerable, the children. We at the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission ask you to mobilize your voices in protest alongside us, not only against the planned “surge,” but against making war on yet another country, yet another people, the people of Iran.

To oppose US belligerence is to support our troops, to support our country, and to support saving our own humanity. PEACE is patriotic. Join the J&P to demand peace NOW. Think of the countless who will die if we are not successful in bringing about peace. Our current government must be stopped from spilling more blood. US national security is at stake. Together we must win.

Join us March 17 in Pioneer Park for a rally for Peace!

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