Fidel with Hugo Chavez

The collection of CIA operatives down in South Florida are just waiting to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro with a big party, but oops!, Fidel’s dream of fully liberating Latin American from US imperialism lives on in the personage and politics of Hugo Chavez. The collection of rif-raf that will come to the Miami stadium to dance and sing about Fidel’s death when he passes away, are not representative of how most Latinos feel about Castro. To many millions he is a great hero. Fidel with Hugo Chavez is worth watching for the first 9 minutes even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish. Otherwise, well worth watching all 19 minutes as the later 10 minutes present a very interesting discussion of Venezuela in the world today.

1 thought on “Fidel with Hugo Chavez

  1. Fidel isn’t dead yet, but Anna Nicole is. Apparently generating a lot more controversy than the Anti-Wake planned in Miami for Dr Fidel.

    also noted that the Super Hyper Bole is generating far more comments than anything else and it’s been over for almost a week now.

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