Boston goes bananas!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, the stooges from Homeland Security blew off a cool half million plus dollars attacking other cartoon creatures who were apparently discovered by a subway worker. Terrified, she called ‘the authorities’ who immediately mobilized a bomb squad and apparently ground Boston to a complete and total stop. Details are so embarrassing that they have been declared top secret by our whorish corporate press, and are being withheld from public scrutiny. Ted Turner has fled the country and is now being sought in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In other news, Russian babies found gagged in hospital and Al Franken declares his candidacy for Senator from the state of Louisiana. And another country, Andorra, has now indicted CIA agents to stand trial for kidnapping one of its citizens that was rendered to an American military base in Kosovo where he was then sent to Afghanistan to later be tortured. Along with Italy and Germany, this is now the third European country to be trying to locate American CIA agents for acts of common criminality on that continent. Liechtenstein may soon follow.

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5 Responses to Boston goes bananas!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Avatar Diann says:

    Franken is running for Senate in his home state of Minnesota.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yeah, he is. But I think he lost a great opportunity to be really funny by running in Louisiana, South Carolina or Mississippi.

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    Franken is cool, but happens to be Jewish. In Louisiana or Mississippi he would be running FROM rather than FOR anything.

    But his candidacy IS serious, the guy is much more than comedy.

    One of the Antis who is opposing Al, (in fact the senator who until Al announced, was running for reelection unopposed) made the tragic right wing mistake of trying to link him to Hollywood.

    You know, some bozo actually said that Lefties all have the attention span of a goldfish, and that none of will remember 6 months from now what “our leaders” are saying. Missing the obvious point that some people don’t actually NEED leaders and make their own decisions,

    But also they fail to equate the mentality that actors shouldn’t have anything to say about politics with the mentality that none of us “commoners” should have anything to say about how our lives are run, and thennnnn…

    They completely forget Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Arnie Schwarzenegger, the “new wave’ who are taking over from the Old Guard like Ronnie Ray-gun, John Wayne and Charlton Heston.

    Need it be mentioned that apart from Norris, none of the others ever had anything more than an honorary police badge, and none of them ever wore a Military uniform outside of the Movies… And Norris can take his Parker Co Tx deputy badge and shove it up his left nostril until it reaches his brain.

    But they all say that if WE dare to criticize the military, (and I know the right wing got us on RSS feed) WE should shut up and trust the professionals. One clown even commented on one of my posts (flowers of the forest I believe) that we should all be drafted, because a little bit of military experience would change our attitudes.

    But, you see, I WAS in the Air Force.

    Which fueled the fire for me, let me tell you… and I will tell you even if not allowed.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Actually, I think that in Louisiana or Mississippi, the Right Wing would be running FROM Al Franken, and not the reverse. Thats how powerful his comedy actually is! Sorry it’s going to be wasted on Minnesota when it’s so much more needed elsewhere.

  5. Avatar The 13th says:

    Jonah, thanks for pointing out the exasperatting concept of “who has right to voice”. I’m going to drum your lead further because the profiling really pisses me off.

    I was reading counterpoint yesterday on a website defending the intelligence of “Silent America”. That part, I liked actually.

    Then comes the bandwagon/bait and switch jargon. “Liberals use Einstein for peace quotes. He was a math teacher, you idiots.” This site even slammed Einstein’s taste in fashion as being of “no expertise”. I guess a crew cut must be an Alma Mata to some. Mark Twain trim your beard. It makes you an idiot.

    Soon the jargon turned. A picture of a cockpit was shown. One George Bush, Senior flew in. The courage of flying by instrument was described (no doubt, requires much training, too!). And the new bumper sticker was printed, using the same ink the author discolored just a paragraph ago!

    I learned these journalism tactics in 6th grade. Yet this moof has a best seller from their exploitation. A tv editor turned prophet. The Oracle of Gilligan.

    Soldiers and families of soldiers: you have my DEEP respect. But why charge up a hill to defend the general’s biceps? I’d rather the orders came from someone who knows about economics OR values your life. No matter HOW HARD your job.

    If I wax idealistic at Christmas to wish someone Peace on Earth, does that make me a Liberal? Christian? American? Naive?

    If you want pantomime at the Oscars give Chaplin an award. Oh wait, he left the U.S. to make his movies in Europe. Said his brand of silence needed room. I guess that leaves Lassie to play Forrest Gump.

    The flea vote. Still collared. Waiting for someone to wag the tail for a change, I suppose…

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