Che, The Internationalist

Che Guevara lives on in the victory of his ideals over those of his adversaries. Che was an internationalist appalled by the poverty that the US Empire and its capitalism had delivered to the common people across the Americas and on other continents like Africa.

Today, he remains the living antithesis to our government’s constant desire to conquer other peoples and to rule over them in the consequent misery that comes to the fallen.

Che, like Martin Luther King, had a dream. Forty years later it is still honored by others in their respect for this true American hero. And in the country where he was murdered by the CIA’s henchmen, the people honor him more than ever. Bolivia The press makes it out as if it is a party, but Che’s dream lives on as US power in the Americas begins to erode.

2 thoughts on “Che, The Internationalist

  1. Gustavo Villoldo is a prime example of the type of creep that the US makes a legal immigrant as opposed to an illegal one. Here is a guy who not only killed a POW, but then proceeded to mutilate the body by cutting off his hands. He now lives in Miami.

    Gustavo is the model immigrant citizen per official US immigration policy, and is illustrative of how official US sanction of torture and the atrocities of Abu Ghraib are no mere peripheral accidents.

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