Taking to the streets on Thurs Jan 11

Plenty of banners availableThough long delayed, the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission is coordinating an action for January 11. We’re going to petition our Senators Allard and Salazar to end US torture and to close down Guantanamo. Cindy Sheehan is visiting Cuba to make that plea and efforts are being coordinated nationwide to call for an end to torture.

Now January 11 will be the day after George Bush’s announcement to increase troop levels in Iraq, in defiance of the will of the American people.

And of course there is the new issue of the US extra-judicial, undeclared-war bombing of Somalia.

And the new Democratic congress which has opted to abstain from discussing the war(s) until its 100 hour domestic reform agenda.

If any of those issues grab you, join us at 1pm Thursday when we’ll march from the J&P offices to Allard’s and then on to Salazar’s, followed by a car-pool to see Congressman Lamborn. Or join MoveOn and others at 5pm in Acacia Park for an impromptu rally.

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  1. Avatar David says:

    There is a web campaign to reinstate habeas corpus for the detainees. The lawyers for several of them, who have no other recourse for their clients, have posted a video on YouTube and on the Project Hamad site called Guantanmo Unclassified. Check all of this out at the link below:


  2. Eric Eric says:

    Please join us at the PPJPC on Thursday at 1PM for the WITNESS AGAINST TORTURE RALLY

    1PM -We’ll assemble at the PPJPC Office for a press conference
    Then we’ll march to the nearby offices of Senator Allard
    (Plaza of the Rockies, Tejon entrance, around 1:30-2pm)
    and Senator Salazar (Two blocks north on Tejon 2-2:30pm).

    3PM -A carpool will travel to the office of Rep. Lamborn (Sinton Rd).


    5PM -There’s talk of several concurrent rallies on Thursday
    to protest President Bush’s war escalation in Iraq.
    3pm, Bancroft Park, organized by MoveOn.org
    5pm, ACACIA PARK, organized by MoveOn.org
    6pm, Thorndale Park, by Westside Moms: NO MORE TROOPS!
    Let’s try to bring them together into one rally in ACACIA PARK!

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