How best to stage manage Pakistan’s regime change?

Oh what a dilemma! How will the US, champion of world democracy, stage manage regime change for the world’s most populous Muslim country?

It seems that Busharraf is as spent out as the American dollar itself. But Benahir Bushutto is not the military man behind the curtain that the US has to turn to. That general is Leavenworth, Kansas trained, General Ashfaq Kiyani.

Bhutto is the ‘pretty face’ for the American public of American-made Pakistan regime change. In Pakistan itself, she will fail to impress.

I can already imagine the jokes that have to be arising amongst the English speaking intellectual set of Pakistan that will play on this general’s name, Ashfaq. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and it seems that God truly is Great! Ashfaq to power!

And at home in the US, the ambulance chasers are storming the Supreme Court building on behalf of Pakistani regime change! I think these US lawyers don’t quite get it that they should be demanding regime change at home instead of so far, very far away.

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