US government establishes outright military dictatorship in Pakistan

All this prattle coming from the White House and its allies in the Democratic-Republican Party about DEMOCRACY, but that’s not what Bush has arranged for the world’s largest Muslim country, Pakistan.

Pakistanis get military dictatorship and make no mistake about that since the coup is absolutely DC approved, despite the unconvincing words from Condi Rice about being ‘disappointed’ with this latest development right as Musharraf declares martial law.

The US has given $10 billion dollars to Musharraf in the last 6 years to carry out US foreign policy in the region, and this thug is thoroughly paid for by the US taxpayers. That’s what the entire world sees even if Americans continue to play deaf, dumb, and blind to what’s going on in their name.

Sure the US government would have preferred, like before when occupying Iraq, that its policy for Pakistan would be greeted with flowers and praise. That not being the case, though, the US still is absolutely going to push on with its destructive foreign policy objectives, no matter what the consequences are to people in other countries. War criminals really don’t care about that. They just want to get their own unilateral way and will kill and pillage to do so.

For an interesting comment by the commondreams artist in residence, Natasha Mayers, see ‘Thank You, Pakistani Lawyers, For Showing Us How’

1 thought on “US government establishes outright military dictatorship in Pakistan

  1. The US government is having the most difficult time choosing which puppet to use in Pakistan. The male or the female.

    Hey! That choice is much like our own ‘choice’ coming up! Which corporate puppet will we get? The male or the female?

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