Since our government is planning to bomb Iran in a short time, it is imperative that our people be educated regarding how backward these people are.

Just a short time ago, Libertarian and Zionist lawyer poster, Michael, was keeping us informed (and with a slight assist from Glenn Beck, too) about how Nazi-like the Iranian Muslims truly are. However, it now appears that he has had to flee our site in fear of his life. But I have discovered, from, further evidence of these Shiite Muslims’ backward ideas regarding Jews, Americans, and women. Here are 4 videos posted on that site, that are sure to alarm all civilized people.

Thanks for the memories
Boob Tussels
French Muslims adjust hejab
George and Condi

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  1. Avatar pallas says:

    I saw the headline about KRCC and wanted to send you a big congratulatory hug. I had gotten out of the habit of checking the old blog. So good to see you up and at ’em again.


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