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Polls show that more and more world citizens are relying on their computers to stay informed. If one watches TV, Murdoch and Turner have got your brain in their hands. And just imagine trying to stay informed through our local ‘Gazette’? It’s less informative than a roll of toilet paper. So we become forced into this option of relying on our computers to be in anyway informed.

People are turning to the computer and the semiconductor industry to stay on top of things. We’re forced to do so just as most of us are forced equally to have a car, telephone, refrigerators, and washing machines to stay alive these days. But each new technological gadget we have to have to manage modern life, just keeps getting more and more toxic. Bad as the car is to the environment, the computer is even worse.

All sorts of deadly compounds go into making the computer, and the computer is certainly dangerous to our health even when running. But as a discard? Well that’s just much worse. Some states have bottle laws to help preserve the environment, and that’s way too little and too late, but it’s just a glass bottle after all. But think about this. The government and the corporations running it, don’t give a damn enough about your health or the environment’s to put a functioning recycling program into place regarding computers!

Go and educate yourself and see what sorts of metals are in your computer. And then think about breathing this stuff? Think about it in your bloodstream? And then ponder the fact that in 5 years alone, 250,000,000 computers in the US alone are discarded, with next to no supervision or recycling at all!

Personal computers are just one element of semiconductor use, too. They are used in other forms of communication systems as well as in pcs. For example, they are the glue that holds most modern weaponry systems together. Semiconductors are now all over the place. Lead, cadmium, mercury, and much more, with none of it good for your life or that of other species as well.

When a computer is produced, is that a production of value or a destruction of life on this planet? How sad that the most common of items these days, is actually leading to Earth becoming a planet that will be fit only for the cockroach in a few years. All because the capitalist drive for constant increase in their profits, mandates this sort of increasingly toxic production of increasingly toxic products.

Computers and the military? In fact, the military’s drive for more destructive weaponry is what developed the computer in the first place, just as their need to increase speed of travel with their weapons is what had them pushing for the car, and the development of the interstate freeway system back in the late ’40s and through the ’50s. Military and capitalist enterprise, together in a mad rush to destroy life on the planet. The computer is their latest mechanical advance to their creating a toxic earth, all in the name of ‘defense’ and ‘freedom’!

To paraphrase the famous line by Calvin Coolidge, ‘The business of America is business’…. and YES, the business of America’s business is making war against Mother Earth. The computer is now our favorite toy behind the car and telephone, tv and our groins (sex and porn). Out of all of those though, it may well be the computer that ecologically sinks the planet for good. Man, done in by ‘artificial intelligence’….done in by one of man’s own machines.

Capitalists demand that we try to turn our lives into being their little machines, but as flesh and blood we can never fit their deadly ideal for us. The machine world is just too toxic for us. That’s the deadly news your computer will let you in on.

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  1. That’s what I do for my business, not exactly recycling computers but repairing and rescuing them. I can make an old 486 computer run as a terminal to a faster computer, and all the programs running on the faster one, so the 486 can technically for all practical purposes, be the 1 gigahertz or newer.
    I say 1 gig because that’s the one I have now, got it for the cost of hauling it off because it’s “obsolete”.

    For a family with 10 kids, for example, and I know families with 15 kids, no exaggeration, buying a Blue Hippo $299 special, which is like this one I’m using right now, only three hundred smackers more expensive and without all the bitchin’ software optimization I also did for free. Multiply that by 10 kids and you’re talking a months salary. IF the parents are fortunate enough to be making above minimum wage. To be honest, there aren’t as many 486 computers as there are Pentium 1, they cost 3 grand apiece when they were brand new and now they are considered paperweights. Even the P II and Celeron computers are in paperweight status now.
    They can be bought at scrap metal prices.

    But until a friend of mine in Euless skipped town (I suspect a step ahead of the police) while he had some of my puters in storage, I had no joke an IBM ps2 computer, genuine 1991 vintage, 32 megs of RAM, and I could run Red Hat 9 on it, access the internet, all that. And still working as of 3 years ago. He tossed it in a dumpster.

    Recycling isn’t the best practice for them just yet. They still work, rather than allow the IBM/Microsoft cartel rip off the poor families with the lie that the only the kiddoes can learn computers is if they have the latest and greatest, keep them in circulation.
    It might be the ultimate subversion of their economy ever.

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