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Who killed Neda Agha-Soltan?

The video footage is shocking. An attractive young woman watching the demonstrations in Tehran is struck by a sniper's bullet and dies before several video cameras. The tragedy is projected unto Facebook and Youtube, with advocates hoping it will galvanize (American) public support for the brave reform movement in Iran. News accounts blame "Basij snipers" on the rooftops. Other protesters have been killed in confrontations with Iranian riot police, without the benefit of video witnesses, much like two million Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis et al. Poor 27-year-old bystander Neda Soltani stood at the quite improbable convergence of bullet and camera --correction-- cameras. I don't have to suggest the scene was staged; whether or not the triggerman was an American is immaterial. 8127

Arab dictator allies of US line up in support of Israeli terrorism against Gaza

Silence. Or worse yet even, efforts to blame Hamas instead of Israel for the new slaughter in Gaza. That's what the US allied Arab dictatorships imposed on the Arab world offer their people. Complicity. Many of these Sunni Arab elites (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, et cetera) are eager for the US to hammer the Shiite led Iranians, and have no solidarity at all with their own poor let alone the Palestinian poor of Gaza.... or Palestinians elsewhere for that matter. This is the opening battle of the war to bring about regime change in Iran for the Washington, D.C. rat class, and the Arab dictatorships controlled by the US government are fully behind the effort. 5862

80906 Parade of Homes of Assholes

COLORADO SPRINGS- Is it my imagination, or are the McCain/Palin yard signs receding? This year has meant such a depressing drive through our neighborhood, to see all the "Families for McCain," even "Women for McCain" signs. Today we thought we'd record just how many there were, and lo, they appear to be on the wane. Sure, signs for local Republican contenders remain, thus the selfish/conservative residences are still marked, but their homeowners may now be shying away from being full-on bullish for their dwarf geezer and his bespectacled Gold Rush tart. 5307

Obama endorsed by infamous UN liar

"Less than a teaspoon of dry anthrax, a little bit about this amount -- this is just about the amount of a teaspoon --"   Colin Powell perjured himself at the UN, playing the leading role in encouraging the invasion of Iraq which resulted in the deaths of over a million Iraqis. Now he's lauded for endorsing Barack Obama? What hope is there that Obama will seek a just resolution to the war in Iraq? 5212

Nothing to do with football

The wind in spring is from the East. Why would Israel want to have all that flying shit blowing their way? Or for that matter the Saudis or for even more of for that matter, the Americans in Iraq? 1036

The latest, boy is it stupid

I was on the bus going to Memorial yesterday. there was a copy of the Omygodzette laying on the seat across from me, open to a section somewhat removed from the headlines... Mr Bush has demanded a cut in Medicare and a quarter trillion for the war. 1015

Iraqi government prefers Democrats.

Not statements from Iraqi citizens, but the top cats in Iraq have apparently resented being treated as puppets by the Bushiites. Al Maliki has said that Bush appointees give the orders, tell the Iraqi "free and democratically elected" government what to do. hhuuummmmm.... 997


Since our government is planning to bomb Iran in a short time, it is imperative that our people be educated regarding how backward these people are. 936

US gov’t says they had nothing to do

With the execution of Saddam, the timing or the way it is carried out. Also the independent and sovereign Iraqi government, which of course takes absolutely no instruction from Washington, announced today that they had arrested a couple of the guards/witnesses at the hanging, charging them with being agitators who infiltrated the lynching party, started the Shiite-oriented harassment of Mr Hussein, the comments which are triggering the latest round of "civil" war, and taking the cell-phone videos of the whole charade. There was also a statement from the officer in charge of the American jail detail which handed Mr Hussein over to the executioners, that the execution IF IT HAD BEEN CARRIED OUT BY AMERICANS would have been more respectful and professionally handled. This all, of course, from Yahoo news, courtesy of the Associated Press syndicate. 850