Is this man sane, or what?

A local antiwar activist is in the habit of occasionally sending out to a group of people articles she finds of interest with her own comments about them. When Joe Lieberman announced that he wanted to have the Pentagon start dropping bombs on Iran she sent out the reporting of his comments asking if, ‘Is this man sane, or what?’ I’ve got an answer for that one…

Yes, Joe Lieberman is sane. In fact, he was the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate a few years back, running with Al Gore. What is insane, though, are all those people who now want to rehab Al Gore’s image and make him out to be a liberal. It was he who chose ‘insane’ Joe to run on the presidential ticket with him!

The web site ‘Common Dreams’ is one big example of those now fawning over Al Gore. In fact, I was just booted from being allowed to say I thought that a sad thing for them to be doing. Now, they will not allow me to comment on any article they publish there! They are sensitive people, and sensitive people like to ban criticisms of their sensitivities.

What if Al Gore had gotten into office as President of the US? Many Americans feel that that would have made all the difference in the world. They are kidding themselves though. Responsible people do not run alongside the Joe Lieberman’s of the world. They do not run with the Clintons of the world either.

Are we sane if we were to believe that Al Gore, or any of the other Al Gore clones, can make things somehow different than they are while living under King Bush? No, I don’t think so. You would just be another Democratic Party voter, that’s all, and we would still be living with an Alice in Wonderland world.

Reality is really hard to deal with with such insane ‘options’ to choose from.

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  1. Al, for all his problems, actually had very little to say in his running mate.

    Neither did the voters for that matter, but that’s another very sad story.

    The Machine picks who runs and who doesn’t.

    It just gets worse.

    As far as “leaders” go, I actually don’t have any.
    There are people with whom I’ll agree, and work, actually do stuff, but it has to be rational and the choice is always going to be mine.

    Of the four candidates on the two tickets (Sorry Ralph and Pat, you didn’t have a chance until AFTER the revolution… meet you at the barricades) All four had made statements that freedom of speech should be limited.

    Liebermann’s way of putting it was far to the right of even the Republican candidates….

    Even before the “selection” I was considering dropping pacifism and picking up a drum fed shotgun.

    Fortunately for all I didn’t go that route.

    I have moments, sometimes, when the whole Demogop /slash/ Republicrat death machine seems overwhelming.

    Given a choice, which wasn’t much, I chose to vote for Al Gore because I don’t view the president as my leader, but if somebody is going to sign the paperwork and make sure the bills are paid I just prefer somebody who is intelligent to do the job.

    Also a plus is Al hasn’t often made statements to the effect that he’s out to take over the world even if that means making a smoking ruin of most of it.

    On the other other hand, the Chimp threatens nuclear holocaust almost daily but can’t even pronounce the word Nuclear.

    Hang in there and don’t spend too much time looking at the dark side.

    Even though the Dark Side is fuckin’ huge and really does command your attention.

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