Solidarity vs Disintegration?

Moments of crisis always expose group weaknesses. Crises always create stress, and stress causes people to blame others and most espcially others that they have been working closely with in some shape or form. Suffice it to say, that in the 2 weeks since police attacked pro-peace participants in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Colorado Springs, many of those who oppose the continued US government occupation of Iraq have been finger pointing and second guessing each other, and otherwise fighting amongst ourselves. We have not exactly distinguished ourselves by being first in the Solidarity Department.

Meanwhile, while we have been throwing stones against each other over our interpretation of local events, the real world goes on. The US is moving to further spread the multiple wars it is already engaging in, into yet more and more countries. We face the almost immediate possibility that our government will soon drop its new generation of atomic toys onto yet one more country, most probably Iran. We have a country that has dissolved habeus corpus, and where a prisoner tortured for 5 years pleaded guilty last week, just to try to escape yet further torture while being held criminally at Guantanamo by our government. We have a country where its top ‘justice’ official, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, stands accused of lying to its top elected officials, accused of doing such by his second in command, no less. The real world, and its real events, goes on.

Unfortunately, I have found it hard to write much about these events of the last 2 weeks, simply because fellow bloggers online with me here at Not My Tribe have chosen to attack me and Brother Jonah instead of focusing on the real events taking place around the planet. Instead of closing lines in solidarity with those that oppose the US government war making, these fellow bloggers online at NMT have chosen to get themselves upset about the supposed misdeeds of me and Jonah.

Oh horrors of horrors! We talk out against capitalism in ‘tirades’, smother free speech of others, and hand out ‘provacative’ signs that endanger others just trying to have a nice stroll downtown! How nasty Brother Jonah and I have been, it seems? We even drove off a nice young man named Steve, who just wanted to express his solidarity with our cause, he said, though he opposed our methods sadly enough.

Quite frankly, I am ashamed of all of this nonsense from these fellow bloggers, one of who chose to remove himself as a contributor. I have been to multiple vigils in the last 2 weeks that have expressed solidarity with immigrants under the multiple attacks and ’roundups’ of them and their families, and vigils in opposition to the US government and its continual wars. Tomorrow, I will go to Denver and try to find a way to help organize with others, future protests against the new agressions the US government is out organizing. And Monday, it will be to attend yet another vigil against the US War Against Iraq, and also to try to get together a city wide rally to support the 7 people now facing criminal charges post St Paddy Day’s police attack. But this fellow blogger was so ashamed of what we had been doing and writing here, that he felt it necessary to stop being a co-contributor at NMT, no less! He is not with us now, because we were too ‘Either you are with us, or Against us’ for him. Shame on you, Brother Jonah for behaving so badly that this co-blogger felt this way!

Another co-blogger, also is angry about our actions engaged in recently. What better time to fight and accuse her co-bloggers here at NMT, than when she finds herself in agreement with The Gazette, in agrement that her fellow peacenics didn’t properly know how to behave themselves with the better class of people at the St Pat’s Day affair? Shame on us! But where was I now? I’m missing from photos she says! Something sinister must have been happening? Where were you, Tony?, she asked!

Solidarity versus disintegration? This is always the question when push comes to shove. It is the question that always turns up during difficult strikes. Which side are you on? Oh, but these co-bloggers say that is too much like Dubya to ask that question now! After all, the Prez too said that you are either with us, or against us. Our co-bloggers though now shout out, that we should be both with you and against you when push comes to shove! That way we can sway with how well the corporate press is manipulating the Average Janes and Joes amongst the general city population. And that way, they will not feel so extremist as to hold any one view very firmly with their co-bloggers, who are so horrible manipulative, it does seem.

All of this nonsense and accusations that has been put online recently against Brother Jonah and I is totally repulsive and shameful. It truly detracts from anybody’s desire to read us. What a mess and I apologize. Solidarity versus disintegration? I hope that Not My Tribe can get its act together, and not disintegrate? Disintegration at this moment would be particularly sad. It would happen under the pretense of being discussion though. That’s hardly what has been going on, and Solidarity would be much better.

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7 Responses to Solidarity vs Disintegration?

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I don’t know all of what is being said, maybe.

    Most of the attacks have been by people who challenged the basic concept that we actually did have the right to be in the parade, thus neatly deflecting any responsibility for the sudden crackdown at the corner of Tejon and St Vrain off the shoulders of CSPD and the agitators in the crowd.

    O’Donnell said his actions were for OUR safety… what a crock of shit.

    Nothing we did or said at the time was even remotely confrontational.

    The agitators in the crowd on the other hand, were confrontational and were clearly an attempt to incite a riot.

    Whether or not this was an organized attempt remains to be seen.

    For all I know they could have been a collection of individual and unrelated asswipes, but that part becomes irrelevant.

    If the police were seriously interested in arresting confrontational, belligerent would-be rioters and hatemongers, they heard the comments from those asswipes in the crowds. They appear to have chosen to abuse the peace people because we were non-violent and therefore we presented a far less serious risk of personal injury.

    They do seem to take their shots at the easier targets.

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    NMT. Peace.

    As there was ambiguity in my resign – I’ll clarify – it wasn’t per you, Tony, nor anyone in single here. Nor for shame of this forum en masse.

    It was largely for lack of other diverse contributors, the generalized grouping of beliefs by readers, my lack of time which leads to typos of great obsess, AND to give space for voices that claim to “know better”.

    I had no idea it would become such a distract. Way too many assumptions!

    Personally, I felt my topics of less importance, and took my posts as method of self-clean and expediency to the process. If there were any other implications to ANYONE at NMT by the action they were to illustrate to the Readers the difference between Engage and Negate. I prefer Engage. As does Waycott Labs, if I still am correct in this understanding.

    Jonah, Nothing was Organized about my step-down. I could repeat that several times in fact.

    I AM leaving room for better voices, that including yours, Tony, and anyone else who chooses to comment or commit here.

    Commit! was the distinction I made between Contributor and commentor, and still is.

    I HOPE the only thing left to explain is my lack of to using Dayplanner or Spellcheck. Neither have changed just yet, by the way…

    That said, let’s DO get back on TOPICS!!!!

    From an outside point of view, I’d like to add this to the comments and opinions on Springs’ St. Paddy Wagon Parade. I’ve already commented on the police incident via the photos that already seem to say plenty.

    The other issue, as to why this skirmish occured, continues to get distracted by the blood.

    The police never should have been called. The permit was legally tendered under private contract.

    I’ve read the promotor claimed or stated the parade was not to be used for “political issues”, yet allows candidates to march?!?

    Furthermore, in my opinion, I think everything about being a community and community forums can be construed as political.

    Is a 4-H Club float or Eat at Joes Group still not practicing a form of economic advertising or awareness creating when doing similar engage?

    Did City Council want out-of-towners to attend as well as hope to entertain (improve morale of) the citizens of Springs?

    If the promoter wanted to make these distinctions, he would have to prove the distinctions as non-worthy first. Such a distinction cannot be made after the intervention, and the crux is whether there was right to intervene at all.

    In fact, I’d purport that the City hired the private contractor simply to avoid legal suits of bias, as well as have a co-ordinator for the event. The outcome certainly had nothing to do with co-ordination, so the issue appears to be bias.

    If a Peace March is too political, what is the essence of a Smiley face? Hedonism? I think Peace is a more commonly agreed moral state.

    Maybe next time dressing as Leprechauns will be considered racist. My wife is Irish, and damn it, I frequently complain Czech day never gets parade representation!! Put that in a pot o’ gold, and if the event occurs in public streets, then, well, it’s lobbied racism of sorts, less diversity is allowed to occur.

    If there was duality as to Bookman and t-shirts, then the same dualities can be found in any group that dressed in colors other than green. It’s simply too “fabricated” to suggest what can or cannot be worn, carried, or celebrated less it’s directly in the contract and with good reason as well (when concerning public functions).

    The determining line is drawn by Intent of Peaceful Presence. Suggesting policy violation in such abstract terms only suggests that either the parade policy needs reform and/or there is hidden prejudice and bias.

    Since when do police handle revocation of privately contracted matters anyway?!? Hmmm… I guess next time I fire an employee, I’ll call the police and let them do it.

    I’ve not seen any details on that contract in news stories to date, other than nebulous words of ambiguity. Translated: Political double-talk, from the word GO.

    I think the whole parade, for better or worse, was Political and believe what spoiled the fun was a broken contract to Bookman AND to the Citizens of Springs.

    All of this is outside opinion of course, but hell, it beats loose rumors, don’t it!!

  3. Avatar The 13th says:


    While we are on topic of opinions versus mixed tones, I would like to “go on recorded” long-term observe (as opposed to “singled” words) that Not My Tribe does lack a stronger gender presence by womanhood. I don’t want to start a gender wars, or at least, I don’t think NMT is appropriate forum for such, unless directly in a topic to such ID.

    I DO want to invite more female readers, like Marie, to please drop in and give NMT your thoughts. Not to this post, exclusively, but anytime that you have opinion, counterpoint, time, and generosity to offer your comments!

  4. Avatar The 13th says:

    Tony has this to add (or at least, i hope so)… either way, it’s worth repeating:

    “The main cause of our national malaise in the political arena, is simple. Common folk have surrendered the notion that they shoud have the major voice in the affairs of our country. In fact, they no longer seem to even think that they deserve ANY voice!

    regards. tony. regards.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And regards to you, too, 13 th. I am glad to see that you are still discussing politics here on NMT.

    At the risk of engaging in an anticapitalist ‘tirade’ again, I think that the above comment by me that you focused on is the essence of why America has gone so down hill and fallen into such decay. In short, the upper classes have so demoralized and beat the working class down in our country, that only the business classes and their technocrats are particiapting in politics at this time.

    Oh YES, many of the middle class degreed types are out there VOTING and whining, too, all about not liking the personalities of the Republican neo-con thugs and wanting some Democratic Party savior to return to life once again.

    Oh please they chant, ‘We need a resurrection!”

    But this is not really any real political action at all, and will only lead back into more enablelism by the frustated and decaying American middle class. What is needed is a resurrection of working class action, not a resurrection of the Democratic Party back into filling the presidency Slick style once again.

    What our country needs more than anything else, is for the common person to wake up from zombie land, and shout out that they will no longer accept being demobilized out of American political life as the coproations would like for them to be. Expect that this would involve a bloody clash as the State, run by the corporations, will then try to bloody such upstarts with the nastiest of all repressions. That’s because we are not in any shape of form a true representative democacy at this time.

  6. Avatar The 13th says:

    Actually, Tony, I was discussing ironies. Then politics. Oh well, an echo in the grand canyon is rarely heard by the voice, but carries just the same.

    Per recent comment…

    Democracy is dead?!? I thought America had converted to counting nubs – not votes. The bumpy ballot always catches the eye… Lost Horizon, for sure.

    Define Middle Class…beyond Decaying and Degreed (and I will add Redundant). Shrinking two-way street? (rich or poor?). Yep – that’s the Middle alright! “Class” is the word I’d debate, but that applies to all economical levels. It’s a drawback term of implications: status versus substance.

    If “coproations” was not a typo – I love it! Gonna make a humorist out you yet, Tony!

    Interesting wording per zombie-land. George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was lovingly set in a shopping maul. Meanwhile, every Christmas, Walmart debates whether to use crosses or tidings in their adverts. Float or Flood? What sells the best??

    (Hidden eggs. Sweet candy. Happy Easter season, Tony et al…)

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Might be a case of Automatic Writing, kind of an Oui-Ja board effect that shows the subconscious…. Kind of like when I go to type SUV it comes out SUK, partly because I’m using the shift keys and the K is where the V is normally, because I mostly use the Dvorak keyboard instead of the QWERTY.

    Works out though, and more often I just leave it at SUK instead of “correcting” it.

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