It’s time to reform sex offender laws

The National Security Police State needs many different demons to be seen struggling against. Their holy trilogy of Satanic opponents is Drug Users, Terrorists, and Pedophiles.

In all three cases, all due process and logic just gets totally thrown to the wind when police lodge accusations of this type against oftentimes quite common people. Right Wing Christian retribution becomes the only law of the land then, as political McCarthyism becomes criminal McCarthyism. See Call to Reform Sex Offender Laws Now and note that America’s greatest living historian, Howard Zinn, is one of the signatories.

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5 Responses to It’s time to reform sex offender laws

  1. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Tony….I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. This is the grenade in the pocket of every woman and child in the USA. Under the law, the burden of proof should still be on the back of the accuser. But, unfortunately, it is not. The mere allegation is enough to sully the accused forever.

    It is time to fight back. Big time.

  2. Avatar The 13th says:

    I need more information…

    Are DRUG PUSHERS the prescription drug companies that promise a better quality of life while jacking insurance rates and medical practioners to cater to an elite – resulting in a nation that has more illness, depression, and pill poppers than any other?

    Are PEDOPHILES the ones who shoot children, bomb children, starve children, or abandon children if they live outside the borders of our national interests and do so without conscience?

    Are TERRORISTS those who distort the truth to create fear in order to manipulate a populous to abandon dissenting opinion and free will for controlled actions and obedience to destructive forces of greed and chaotic power, ignoring both ecology and humanity?

    If these are the enemies we intend to defeat then we can rest assured that America is on the way to making a better country and world.

    If not – I must must must be mis-informed…

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Not comparing Our Beloved Leader and the Government here to Hitler or anything, but…

    There is that ugly little deal where the German people were more upset about the open homosexuality of the S.A. Stormtroopers than the fact that they were Killing… People… German People…. In… The… Streets… Of… Germany….

    And that our own Dobson has referred to gays as being Sex Offenders, also his good Buddy Haggard. all this just in the past year.

    And that Hitler threw around the term “Terrorism” to describe certain Middle Eastern Religious Types (like Christians, Jews, etc…)

    But before Purging the Jews and Liberals he went after the Gays and Drug Dealers…

    But not the ones who were supplying him with his own “pleasures”….

  4. Avatar The 13th says:

    One postscript to my comment:

    As my own family did suffer/endure a drug-related murder, I hope no one finds my comments are to trivialize the victims of 9/11 (or terrorist actions abroad), or victims of drug abuse, or sex crimes (pedophilia, rape, and/or domestic abuse).

    But I adamently agree with Tony that these issues are being manipulated to extremes to deter from more significant “crimes” and ethical issues. In fact – I would speculate that Terrorism, Drugs, and Sex Crimes are likely by-products of what is NOT being addressed with intent of resolve.

    On a lighter note – my brother’s murder may have spared him the humilation of being a sex offender. He was arrested once – for peeing in public. I suppose these days that might have earned him the shame of exposing himself in public, though the truth is I think only the bush and the Cops saw him do it.

    New Bush. Same cops. From brother to brother, beer to word stream, waste always needs expulsion.

    Reform the Charade Laws. Impeach the Offender.

    Americans should not have to live in yellow shame.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Marie, I am glad that you and I agree on this one. In theory, supposedly our legal system says that one is innocent until proven guilty. In reality, that theory is a total crock of bullshit.

    The reality often is that one is guilty until one proves their innocence. And that can be quite expensive, eliminating the possiblity of coming out innocent for most of those who earn their money through working for a wage.

    Our legal system is as big a fraud as our medical system, if not more so….

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