Make orgasm, not wargasm

Orgasm-for-peaceOrgasm and the sense of well-being it brings – how would the planet be if it felt that good? Couldn’t that be one definition of Peace? Practice visualizing the planet experiencing the afterglow of a rousing orgasm and taking a break from daily despair.

What if a simultaneous universal orgasm was timed perfectly with the solstice and the funky energy surge it brings? Could that help move humankind off its sure path to self-destruction?

According to researchers at Princeton University working on the Global Consciousness Project, nearly ten years of data collected from random event generators indicate that “when millions of us share intentions and emotions the network shows correlations.” Recent studies have shown that there is indeed power in prayer. It would make sense that there would be similar power that could be released through collective orgasm.

I invite you to join me in a Global Orgasm for Peace. Hopefully worldwide orgiastic energy combined with a mindful intention for peace (no dreaming of scantily-clad nymphets or bruiser beefcake—peace, not piece, should be the focus) could reduce global levels of violence, hatred and fear. We, for a brief spell, could join in a vast post-orgasm group spoon and change the course of human history.

Saturday, December 22 at 06:08 GMT is the appointed time for the Global OooooAaahhhOh. That’s FRIDAY the 21st at 11:08 p.m. for those of us in Colorado. Women, you may want to practice a little beforehand to get the timing down. Men, I’m sure you’ve got a handle on it already. And remember, the intention is peace. Think peace. Wish for peace. Come for peace.

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5 Responses to Make orgasm, not wargasm

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    I’m just so scared that I will come too soon, Marie.

  2. Avatar Marie says:

    Tony, just give it your best shot.

  3. Avatar Victor says:

    Damn, I missed it! Can I still go ahead and try, would it make a difference?

  4. Avatar Richard says:

    The recent studies that showed power in prayer were faked. One of the authors is now in jail for a separate fraud. There is no power in prayer, or any random, unfounded idea of “collective consciousness”. It is all wishful-thinking garbage.

  5. Avatar The 13th says:

    To Richard. If there is no collective conscience that’s malleable or flowing – then in essence are you suggesting that all authors are fools and all books should be damned? John Lennon was a fool for seeking Universals?

    “Recent studies”? That sounds as legit as a chewing gum commercial for good dentistry. Specifics please – besides your name, rank and ego.

    And please, define cultural motivation and influence, outside of the length of your mama’s skirt.

    A mass consciousness does exist – from ipod fad to moon landing. Whatever name you choose to call it – that’s just semantical drooling.

    Back on topic, nice idea but sheet music invites elite pianists. A bagatelle is most lovely but leaves no room for aria nor orchestra.

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