Shut Up, Nancy!

From the woman who approved Dubya’s and Dick’s use of torture on POWs comes this gem below…

“Last month, the House voted to provide $50 billion for Iraq, conditioned on deploying only fully trained and equipped troops and on setting a reasonable goal for when all of our forces can return home. The President and his Republican enablers in Congress rejected that bill. Their plan is for a war without end.

“I cannot support spending billions more in Iraq with no strings attached, particularly in the same week that the President said we cannot afford to fund basic priorities here at home, such as the education of our children, and increased investment in medical research and hiring more police officers on the street.

“Democrats will be relentless in our efforts to bring our troops home honorably, safely and soon.”
          -Office of the Speaker of the House

Shut Up, Nancy! You are no longer believable. You support torture and pretend otherwise. You support the occupation of iraq and Afghanistan and pretend otherwise. You and the rest of the Democrat Party leadership are both neocons and the same old cons at both one and the same time. You deserve the Joe Lieberman Award for doubletalk and insincerity.

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