Verizon hardhats are actually NSA posse

Verizon listening
Verizon thinks it’s a selling point that you’ve got hundreds of hardhats listening in on your conversation. Though the team is pitched as the tech support which is keeping you networked, I guess the commercials can’t avoid the humorous Verizon dude smirking at what he’s overhearing. Interesting truth in advertising. Are we supposed to think what happens with Can You Hear Me Now Dude stays with Can You Hear Me Now Dude?
Congress is deliberating about indemnifying these guys if litigious Americans ever find out Verizon & freinds are forwarding eavesdropped calls unto the security agencies.

This week’s ACLU forum discussed the increased surveillance by our government. Loring Wirbel gave specifics about the NSA’s activities. Forget where calls originate, or to where. Everything is being recorded. We may not be parsing it all, but it’s all getting collected. Every single call, every internet query. We know cell phones can be used to record ambient noise even when they’re not on talk.

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  1. Wow… that is such an interesting article. What a load of conspiracy theory garbage though. I seriously doubt that the government cares enough to record the ambient noise inside my car. Find something better to do.

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