Murdering immigrants- How the Brits do it…

This story got my attention several days ago, simple because nobody seemed to care. The mainstream American press paid the news little heed, all despite the fact that some of the Haitians thrown off their sinking boat into the water got eaten by sharks. This is certainly the type of gruesome detail, that normally is lapped up by the commercial media and harped on repeatedly.

But it was silence on this story, mainly because it is policy to keep mum about how interception efforts repeatedly kill people trying to make it into the US.

But now, the latest news is that the British immigration authorities’ patrol boat rammed the vessel of the Haitian migrants and deliberately knocked a hole into it! More victims of The Wall, but this time it was not Migra doing the dirty work, but the British authorities! Not heat in the desert that did Migra’s dirty work for them, but British ships and sharks.

We need a just immigration reform now, since it’s not just Mexicans that get murdered trying to cross into the US. If our troops stayed more out of foreign countries probably there would be less need for others to immigrate to the US. US out of Haiti! Our government sure kills a lot of folk, both intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes the unintentional is intentional though. The captain of the patrol boat and any of his co-conspirators to commit murder need to be charged and convicted of that crime.

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