The Jena 6

Nooses were hung from this treeThe Jena 6 are a group of black High School kids who got into a fight with a White kid in a racist public school in a racist little town called Jena, Louisiana. Now they are receiving national attention since the police and the city government there decided to use the judicial system against these Black kids and charged them with attempted murder. Exaggerated criminal charges for a school yard brawl provoked by the racist actions of the ‘victim’.

We also live in a city here in Colorado Springs where the police, too, also have the approval of the city government to use the judicial system falsely and punitively against its own citizens. The fat cats at The editorial board of The Gazette think it aggressive and rude for us to point this out to other folk, and have sarcastically asked us ‘brutal’ local peaceniks (in their editorial today) to ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

Like the cheerleaders(The Gazette editorial staff) of a US war machine that has killed millions around the globe are at all convincing about any political issues they take up! Not hardly. They are warmongers instead. And they are just as insincere as have been the cops and their supporters on the Colorado Springs city council up to now.

Sorry, but it is the city government that has to control its police to make peace happen in this city. Instead, it seems that many amongst the powers to be like using the police as attack dogs against the pro-peace groups of our city? That’s why The Gazette fuels this sort of witch hunt mentality by feeding false information to the public and uses quotes both out of context and also minus portions of the actual content of what was said to their reporter. But back to the problems of Jena, Louisiana…..

Check out the local yokel paper there especially in the comments section after the article. Here is Znet’s article on the issue

Justice Now in Jena and Colorado Springs! Stop using the judicial system in a partisan manner that supports racism and war. Drop the false charges. Oh, and restore habeas Corpus and end the use of torture, too. Got that, Gazette? (If I had sent that in to their letters column they would have chopped it all up into incoherence. I know from my experience with them.)

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20 Responses to The Jena 6

  1. Avatar Tom Nelson says:

    If 6 kids came after me, I’d want it to be considered an attempted murder. There’s a difference between a fight and premeditated assault.

    Not everything is a travesty.

  2. Avatar Tamara Clarke says:

    Support and Love.

    Here in London, UK I am outraged, in 2007 we are still facing such blatant discrimination.

    Strength and prayers to those boys family.

    This is a major travesty for everyone of every hue, very sad.

  3. Avatar George Cook says:

    Racism in Jena Louisiana
    Listen to my interview with Alan Bean, an activist who was in the courtroom during the trial
    On June 28 2007 a young black defendant Mychal Bell was found guilty of aggravated assault against a young white man by an all white jury despite conflicting testimony from witnesses. Alan Bean talks about the things below:

    The weekend before the assault took place nooses were hung on a tree.

    The Prosecutor threatened black students about protesting the nooses

    A black man was assaulted, no charges were brought up.

    During the trial the public defender put up no defense after the prosecution rested it’s case.

    Listen to the interview and read about the case hear:

  4. Avatar Isheena says:

    Well I think that it is not fair what has happened to these boys and what is happening to these boys. If someone came up to anyone in this world with a weapon or showing us that they were going to harm us we would do what we were taught to do and that is protect ourself’s. And that is what I fill like that these boys wasn’t doing nothing but defending there selfs. I mean ask yourself “WHAT WOULD YOU DO”?

    Them cocasion boys souldn’t a haven’t even had a gun anyway. For one did they have a permitt to have a gun? And why would they do that to any human being if that wasn’t even there tree? I fill like them African American boys should be set free or not held accounted for what they did in no way. All of this over a tree all they had to do was walk away. Excpecially if they did like the African American boys. If they couldn’t stand them that much then why couldn’t they just walk away.

    And it’s not all there fought either, it’s they parents faught too. Because 90% of the time in situations like these the parents be presuding them to do these things. And they prod pf them for taking a life. That’s just wrong because we need to learn how to get alone in this world or just walk away. Them cocasion boys should of just let them boys sit under that tree or did what them African American boys did in went to the priciple office them they could have found a solution for all of them and this would not be happening.

    I hope these boys and there family don’t have to sufer for something that could have been and can still be solved a better way, then trowing there life down the drain, for them defending there self. And there defense attorney they need to get rid of him because he is not helping them at all. He is just in it for the money: IF HE JUST STOOD THERE AND DIDNN’T DEFENED THEM. And he need’s to realize that this somebody’s life he is dealing with he is not in school no more.

    What the family need to do for him is right a letter to somebody higher then whoever is not on there side. They really need some help. And God is going to be the one to give it to them. And to the familys I wish all of them luck and I will keep all of you’all in prayer for the best. you’all just keep your heads up and don’t give up.

  5. Avatar tony logan says:

    What is most disgusting about this case is in how the Judicial System was used against the Black kids in what was essentially a turf war between Black and White kids at the Jena high school. This is a perfect example of how the US ‘Justice’ System is in actuality an injustice system, where issues and events are looked and judged from, totally out of context from which they occur.

    This happens over and over and over again. Just like our system of voting is a dried up and nonfunctional system of corruption, so too is our judicial system in this country.

  6. Avatar Tia says:

    If 6 young black men approached me I would be scared, I would refrain from taunting these individuals. I don’t think that was the case with this white boy that was beaten, I am sure that he has been taunting these boys since school began and hanging nooses on a tree was just one of the many taunts he has gotten away with. They need to let all those boys go with time served, it is punishment enough to have to live in a town that justifies segregation.

  7. Avatar Danielle says:

    I wonder how many kids came after the black young man. Well the only thing this trial is teaching America… no the World is that America is still suck on the ignorant statement, “White is right.” Tom you are right, there is a difference between a fight and premeditated assault. But I must ask have you ever heard of a terroristic threat. The nooses that hung from that tree were just that.
    I also have a question to the police department. If someone pulls a gun out on me what should I do? Obviously removing the gun from my aggressor is not an option, so how do I protect myself?
    I am still shocked by the way the judicial system of this town has “worked”. A slap on the wrist if you are white and the end of your life if you are not. Any American who sees this story should stand up for justice. No the black young men were NOT right for fighting, but neither were the white ones.
    The same crime occurred, so the same punishment should be administered.

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    We have 2 judicial systems in this country. One set of laws for the rich, and one for the poor. One set of laws for Blacks, and another for Whites.

    New Orleans knows about this, and so does Jena. Unfortunately, most Whites in this country still want to play the damn fool and pretend that US justice is blind and equal and that it deals with real issues well. Racists like to play the fool. That’s what they are doing with Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan, as well as in Jena.

  9. Avatar Janie says:

    Black, White, Red or Yellow! I don’t care what color they are this has got to stop! This case has racism written all over it!This “should” simply be about teenage students and should be trialed as such, these boys are facing a higher sentence than a child molestor, rapist, etc. I mean, you can get off on a DUI with simply doing less than 2 weeks in the county jail. (just ask Paris Hilton, and Nichole Richie) AND THESE KIDS, once faced over 100 years in prison… yea, this has got ALOT to do with color. AMERICA GROW UP, this country is filled with multiple cultures and people of different races and sexual preference (if I may add, and I do NOT support, but since EVERYONE wants to be treated as equals)…. we literally have hundreds of people entering into this nation illegally as we speak! And they committ much more disturbing crimes than a simple fight! They won’t even charge the illegal gang memebers of LA 100 years in prison. And they are killing, burning and murdering people by the hour! Louisana, get out of the south and open your big white southern eyes, to what’s really going on in our society. I’M SURE IT’LL SCARE THE H-LL OUT OF YOU!

  10. Avatar brian says:

    u white people r fuckin crazy just cause the people was black if yall dumb ass folks was beatin up a black kid u wouldnt say shit pussy asses

  11. Avatar bridgette says:

    I don’t think that six black students went after that young man. I don’t think the whole story is being told. I think that there were other parties involved and they are trying to keep that under wraps. They are trying to make it like these six young men went after this boy by himself. I think if you really dig into this story, these young black men were probably defending themselves. And, there were probably six young white men who got their asses kicked. And, they got mad because black men are not suppose to defend themselves. They are suppose to just keep turning the other cheek. Those days are so over.

    This is so ridiculous. This is a bunch of grown ass racist men who were raised by grown ass racist men, who are raising young men to grow up and be grown ass racist men. I don’t think in a million years they expected this story to get out like this.

    And that judge, prosecutor, police officers, and board of education members will be investigated. We are going to see that this is not an isolated incident. And someone will have to go over all of his cases to see how many people he has stole life from. He might as well perform abortions, because that is the equilavent of what he has done.

    You caucasion men are here to seek, destroy, and kill all that is good. You need to try and hear your ancestor because they are looking up at you and they are telling you that hell is hot and hard. And all that you do here is going to come back on you times a million.

  12. Avatar tony logan says:

    Democracy Now has excellent coverage of the arrival of thousands of people to Jena who are going to participate in a national rally in defense of the Jena 6.

    This rally is about much more than just defending these 6 kids, but is a message that much of America is tired and fed up with irresponsible police and judicial violence of all types.

    Here is the New York Times article about today’s rally in Jena.

  13. Avatar Talriena White says:

    It is really sad that these young men are having to face such an unjust as this. Since I first heard of this situation I have been sick with disgust and disbelief that we have a judicial system that is not only allowing this but seems to be going forward with prosecuting. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!! If this jenacide continues than there are going to be other countries, states, cities, and towns that are going to go through this same MESS. To the young men of the Jena 6 God will not put no more on you than what you can stand. Keep your heads up high and never admit to something that you know in your hearts is not true. To the mothers of the Jena 6 continue to stand by your babies and also keep your heads up. My prayers are with you all.

  14. Avatar seyi says:

    i most say this out to thse who want to hear and make use of my word descrimination in united state is not thing of todaywhat i can say is that whites in united state they hates black back to days of marthin luther the king and some history of blacks in united state,let be equarly right and justice ,this goes to person that made this ideal i consider him or her is suffering frommadness Comment from Tia
    Time: September 4, 2007, 12:18 pm

  15. Avatar Faith says:

    I don’t think this is right. You’d think in 2007 America would be over all this racial discrimination.

  16. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    50,000 to 60,000 participated in the rally Thursday in Jena, Louisiana but people everywhere around the country have also come together in meetings and rallies to demand that charges be dropped against the Jena 6.

    Hundreds rallied in Denver, Colorado close by to us, and their was even a small get together in Colorado Springs, too.

    People are getting increasingly fed up with the legal system injustice that is dished out daily though out the country against Black youth. People are fed up about what was done to the Black community in New Orleans. People want justice in the ‘justice system’, not racial inequality.

    See Denver Post article about the rally there

  17. Avatar Eva says:

    People posting here have some facts wrong I dont blame anyone..newspapers have been hyping this story to hell):

    The nooses were not the weekend before, they were in september, the beating of one kid by 6 others happened in december. That kid also had nothing to do with the nooses, he did however run his mouth to the Jena 6.

    Really this should be about some minors assaulting another minor. Unfortunately, more papers sell when “racism” is in the headlines and when they try to create heros out of ordinary people. Michael Bell shouldnt be tried as an adult or for attempted murder, but what he did was not an act of self-defence, it was a crime.

    Also, to Bridgette above who posted that she is sure the Jena 6 did not start the fight and that they that were probably defending themselves against 6 white kids…What makes you so sure? Groups of people gang up and beat lone individuals all the time. I once saw a group of several young black men gang up on a skinny white kid for no reason (I was friends with the skinny white kid and watched the whole incident) and kick him repeatedly after he was on the ground. They also kicked me when I tried to protect him with my body. Though I’ve never seen a group of whites beat up a black kid I’m sure this happens too.

  18. Avatar monie harris says:

    I think that it is so crazy that racism is still living strong with in some people!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Avatar monie harris says:

    If something like that was to happen in my home town (BROCKTON) all of the boys would have gotten in trouble only because it was a fight. NOT because he’s black or white.
    Let’s just in BROCKTON we’re all color blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we all get along. I’m so sad as a high school student that the faculty is even going through with such hatred!!!!!!!!

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