Is Bush losing Pakistan?

Everywhere the US and its military goes, ethnic and religious unrest unfolds. Now that the US has torn apart Afghanistan like it has torn apart Iraq, Lebanon, and the Horn of Africa, it is turning its scopes on Syria and Iran, too. The Bush Administration seems addicted to its ethnic & religious divide and conquer policies.

However, this approach to foreign policy and military domination can easily spill out of control in ways not even thought about previously by the US government fat cats. Such seems to be the case with Pakistan, whose leader ‘Busharraf’ rules as military dictator, thoroughly compromised by how the US has turned him into a poodle puppet in its insanely termed ‘War on Terrorism’. In short, just as the US War Against Iraq threatens to spill over into a US attack on Syria and Iran, the failed US occupation of Afghanistan threatens to spill over into Pakistan, a country of 170,000,000 Muslims.

See Pakistan political unrest and this peek by the think tank Council on Foreign Relations entitled Pakistan’s Political Future

Fighting to rob Iraq of control of it’s own oil, the bipartisan Cheneycrats now risk continuing to destabilize a Muslim country with atomic weapons. Even now they are thinking of initiating a war with Iran supposedly designed to keep us safe from a nuclear attack! All this neighboring strife continues to destabilize Pakistan, a country already so destabilized it is hanging by a thread.. What a bunch of pathetic clowns we have leading the US today. Please, God, protect us all from these sad corporate promoted dummies as their corruption spreads itself around the planet disrupting everybody’s’ efforts to sanely govern themselves.

Destabilizing country after country along ethnic and religious lines is hardly any way to bring about any ‘national security’. If we don’t wake up soon and throw this Klan out in D.C. we might soon see much worse than 9/11 was inside our own borders. Destabilizing the Indian sub-continent following what our government has done in the Middle East is a clear recipe for nuclear disaster. And that’s exactly what seems to be happening in slow motion before our very own eyes.

We need to get out of Afghanistan as well as get out of Iraq. And we need to stop murdering, torturing, and allying ourselves in Pakistan with thugs like Musharraf and his dictator controlled Pakistani military. ‘Construction, Not Destruction’ needs to become our new National Security plan. Corporate leaders running our government are not the people that can implement this sort of new direction for the US. They are the people now ‘losing Pakistan’. And even losing America itself.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says: The Pakistani government appears to be unraveling. This is probably good news to Iran and Syria though, since it makes a US attack on these 2 countries more difficult.

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