Nice Cowboy Diplomacy, George… Really Support OUR Troops…

Brit Marines Update… New yet somewhat old twist, the British Marines are alleging coercion in their “confessions” and the Iranians are denying it, but the Iranians are also quietly (or just not as loudly reported as the British story) saying that their diplomats who were seized in Iraq were tortured by the CIA, and the CIA in typical pig fashion is saying “Yeah, that’s what they ALL say…”

Of course the CIA and other pigs in America have lobbied hard to keep torture “legal” for them under the TRAITOR ACT but still denying that torture would actually ever be used…

And of course, according to Guardian,Georgie Porgie offered the overstretched American military up for sacrifice to “take aggressive action” against Iran, like having US Air Force “peace” planes buzz Iranian bases,…

Cowboy “diplomacy” at it’s worst and the British for once stood up to him, told him to basically sod off… but in a nice kind of way.

Apparently he was hoping the Iranians would fire on “his” airplanes piloted by “his” troops (only he uses the Royal/Editorial “We” and “Our”), in order to spark the war “we” want so bad.

Nice job supporting the troops, there, Bushie Boy… get some pilots killed for YOUR purpose, which by a bizarre co-incidence happens to be getting even MORE AMERICANS and of course, Iranians, British, you know, insignificant people who don’t count because they’re people who don’t happen to be George Bush… KILLED.

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