Nothing to do with football

The wind in spring is from the East. Why would
Israel want to have all that flying shit blowing their way? Or for that
matter the Saudis or for even more of for that matter, the Americans in

Mr Bush and his freak friends don’t give a serious thought to the
safety of anybody, even and especially the soldiers under their inept

Their contempt is demonstrated by something reported in the Independent this week, in Stranger Than Fiction…

Seems the Pentagon sends out letters to officers who recently left the service to urge to go back in the service,

75 of them went to the 75 officers who were Killed in Action in Iraq.

Pentagon says it’s a computer error.

I know this sounds absurd, perhaps because I’ve been out of the military for 27 years and a few months now.

But if the Bushiites are really wanting to get people to re-join their comrades in arms, why not set that task to the immediate commanders of the men?

Or would that make too much sense?

It would certainly cut out some really tacky “software errors”.

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, they are concerned that some or even most of the current commanders in the field might not have the same disconnected lack of concern for the safety of their comrades as the Chicken Hawks in Washing Tundy Sea?

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