Paying reparations will make US as poor as Chad

Noam Chomsky has just written that the US should pay reparations for the damages done to Iraq’s infrastructure by the US invasion and occupation. While I can’t disagree with the justice of this, doing it would make America as poor as the country of Chad.

And why stop with reparations for US damages done to iraq? How about paying damages done to Colombia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Nicaragua, El Salvador, God can we stop now, though the list is still quite incomplete?

One of the most galling things about US war supporters is there constant refrain that they are supporting the constant war only to help Iraqis out! Just the other day on this blog a poster was spouting this line of crap, too. Plus, usually in the same breath they are condemning the Islamic community as being full of barbarians, all the while praying to their Christian God of War. Yes, they are on a great Crusade to help the heathen out!

So why don’t these people dig out THEIR pocketbooks, and make those reparations then, instead of playing stupid and pretending that they are bringing heaven to earth for Arabs? US war supporters have to be about the most shameless human beings imaginable. If there is a Christian Hell for hypocrites?, then they definitely got the ticket. And if we as a nation get forced to actually make reparations, then we’ll all be in Hell alongside them.

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1 Response to Paying reparations will make US as poor as Chad

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    ah, but due to the cyclic nature of the world economy, we will be repaying Iraq. and the others, or our new masters, the cockroaches, who will no doubt allow a few of us to live and breed in order for us to serve them, will insist that we build bombs to eliminate the iraqi cockroaches or whatever…

    but seriously, there is no way the Trickle Down Ray-gun-omics isn’t going to pour down on us poor folks. The rich will somehow make us join in their misery.

    If it’s any consolation, (but not to me) They will be as poor as the rest of us.

    One thing i can’t stand is somebody who has never lived in poverty, doesn’t know his way around the block so to speak, sitting across from me at the soup kitchen or in the New Relocation Centers they have planned for us poor folks, bitching and whining about how he ain’t never going to make it as a poor person.

    and talking about the good meals his servants had prepared for him before the Crash.

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