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The “difference” between an IED and a land-mine

Is the difference between a Militia Group (like those commanded by Washington) and the VietMinh or the Taliban "Insurgents" A matter of Semantic Perspective that's vital to propagandists, espicially if the Propagandists don't have anything better. It's the so-called "difference" between "conqueror" and "liberator" , USAF Bomber v Suicide Bomber Decapitation with a sword and decapitation with a .50 caliber round fired frim a Vulcan electric motorized Gatling gun. 14410

Gazette advocates for Iraq withdrawal

LTE- Regarding your editorial IRAQ: NO MORE HOLD AND PRAY, I'm very glad to see your paper finally suggest that "this war should make Americans more skeptical the next time a political leader suggest war." While your editorial now recommends that US forces get out of Iraq, will the Gazette also advocate for a just withdrawal? In particular that out of care not to abandon the Iraqi people, instead of sticking around to shoot more, we should fund an international force to rebuild their country. America owes a large war reparation to the victims of its illegal war. 3151