North Korea-US peace accord

As the whole world waits for the coming US attack on Iran to begin, there appeared to be little interest in the announcement of a North Korea-US peace accord. That is kind of stunning, since the US has waged war against the Korean people for over half a century with disastrous loss of life as a consequence. Over 2 1/2 million people died in 3 years of conflict back in the early ’50s, and subsequently the US economic warfare waged against North Korea has killed millions more.

Wikipedia reports that between 600,000 to 3.5 million North Koreans lost their lives due to famine after the Soviet Union was bankrupted by the US imposed Cold War. This cut off the principal outside trade that was the lifeline of North Korea’s economic sustainability, as otherwise the US blocked out almost all foreign trade.

It helps to understand the context of all this loss of life. The US took over from the Japanese as being the principal imperialist occupiers of the Korean Peninsula at the end of WW2, and blocked the establishment of one country governed by Koreans themselves. Instead, the US installed a puppet regime in the south, very similar to the one later established in the South of Vietnam when the French got the boot from that country. When the end of the hot conflict ended in the US-Korean War, the US did not leave like they had to eventually in Vietnam. The US occupation had destroyed over 80% of the civilian infrastructure in Korea by mid 1953, and coming after the Japanese occupation of Korea during WW2, left the country divided and in total shambles. Plus, the end of hostilities left the US firmly in control and with military bases in the South of the Peninsula.

Is the new treaty real, or just a US ploy? Basically, it calls for North Korea to incrementally receive fuel oil supplies in exchange for incrementally dismantling its nuclear power program. As such, it runs directly counter to the US economic warfare against North Korea that has been the mainstay of US government foreign policy for decades. Condoleezza Rice hailed the accord as being a break through, while John Bolton panned it as being an ‘appeasement’. Actually, it appears that his main disagrement might probably be to having an accord which the US will deliberately not abide by in the months ahead. That will then make the US look rather bad, even if it allows Bush to now bide his time with North Korea as he wages war against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran in another part of Asia. In short, this appears to be a ‘peace’ that is not even paper thin in substance.

Not only is the US not prepared to help the North Korean economy economically, it is not prepared to do its part in removing nuclear weapons off the Korean Peninsula. The treaty appears to be more game playing than anything much else. It bides both North Korea time to further strengthen its weapons program in self defense, and time for the US government ot wage war in regions more important to its imperial plans regarding seizing energy supplies. Hopefully some day peace will finally come to the Koreans, but this is not the day.

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