Police taser kills another mentally ill person

Pity those that are mentally ill, for they must fear for their lives from those supposedly sworn to protect them. The current police weapon of choice, or course, is now the taser.

The police continue to pretend that the taser is a non-lethal weapon just as the government continues to pretend that it doesn’t brutally torture prisoners. And most all of us pretend that we live in a society ruled by the goodness of Law and Justice. Video of police killing another mentally ill person.

When will we be able to get this nasty weapon away from the police? This weapon allows the police to get lazy, as seen on the film of this murder, and lazy police kill people without any consequence to them at all.

The police have always gotten away with murder, but at least police murder was once considered illegal. Police murder with tasers is now not illegal and is a way to force people into a Russian Roulette game played with their lives, while being totally in the hands of an uncaring police force.

5 thoughts on “Police taser kills another mentally ill person

  1. FORREST GUMP meets THE TERMINAL meets police, five minutes in.
    See four flak-jacketed policemen repeatedly stun an unarmed man, as airport security guards move to obscure the camera’s view and then confiscated this tape.

  2. Life in the big city: requires either self-control or control by licensed security personnel. Before the advent of Tasers, it was clubs and bullets. I score it 1-0 for security on this one. BTW, the tape was returned to the owner.

  3. People are not handled this way in a psych ward, so why do the police think they should just walk over to people and start using the electricity on them? This violent way of handling all their contacts with citizens through shear brute force is something that is learned from occupation armies.

    The police are no longer using any common sense or concern for ordinary people in situations like this, as any contact with airport security (Homeland Security) by anyone would easily illustrate. The stupid and violent response is now becoming the new policing norm. As is torture, one might add. And the taser is a form of torture, too. The new legalized police torture that is used without trial or serious administrative oversight of any type.

  4. Your compassion for ordinary people is quite charming, Vigilante. If it wasn’t I might think of you as the freaked out weirdo type?

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