Protest James CIA Woolsey visit next Thursday at Colorado College

The ex CIA director, continually fighting WW4 advocate, and prime time war profiteer, R. James Woolsey Jr. is coming to town next week. Why?

He’s advocating turning away from fossil fuel dependence as national strategy. So what? He’s no ecologist at all, but just is a war monger who is admitting the already obvious reality that world fossil fuel supplies are beginning to run dry and that the US has to move to find other sources of energy. Any advocate of fighting continuous wars is no alternative Green advocate at all, since the US military is already the world’s most prolific polluter.

The Ravings of James Woolsey examines this thug in brief detail. For yet more information about this scoundrel, try Wikipedia for info

Let’s see now? Can anybody see any good reason to do anything other than protest this event at Colorado College? It will be held at Shove Memorial Chapel, 1010 Nevada Ave. at 7:30 pm. Entrance is free.

When I think chapels, I think peace. When I think CIA, I think torture. When I think James Woolsey, I think World War 4 advocate. What on earth are Colorado College’s adminstrators doing in using a chapel for having such a monster to visit?

Help organize the protest for this event. Please participate. James Woolsey is one of America’s proponent advocates of attacking and going to war with Iran.

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2 Responses to Protest James CIA Woolsey visit next Thursday at Colorado College

  1. I could not attend since my tenure was revoked after 20 years and I was fired by Woolsey’s wife, Suzanne, a Trustee of the college and an Iraqi war profiteer in her own right (Fluor Corp)

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Thank you for writing, Kevin. We hope that you are doing well and have only been briefly read some of the details of your case previous to you writing. Some coverage of your case was printed in The Gazette at

    It seems to me that the jury did not deal in any way with the real case you had against Colorado College regarding the dangerous physical environment that the old buildings on that campus hold for people. This is typical where American juries are kept from dealing with major environmental dangers in housing. Instead, the judge probably allowed the university to keep this issue totally away from being examined, right?

    Without examining the evidence that you had regarding the dangers of asbestos in the buildings there, they ruled against you. Your case once again illustrates, I think, that justice is something pretty much entirely lacking in the American Legal System.

    Please write some more and let us know more about your case in your own words. I don’t think that either the Indy or The Gazette were willing to give you a fair hearing either. If there is any way we could help publicize the details of your political dismissal we would certainly like to help out.

    As you know, there is now a wave of attacks on liberal to Left professors nationwide. It is one reason that many Left students never even attempt to pursue such a career in the first place. That ambiance of repression in the schools stunts American education, from the kindergardens to the universities. It’s time to call a halt to politically motivated reprisals against all teachers.

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