James Woolsey is CIA, not a Green

James Woolsey, ex CIA director under Clinton, is the managing director of Paladin Capital Group, which has multi Pentagon contracts supplying surveillance and military equipment.

They push themselves off as being eco friendly via company investment in the production of ethanol. See Go Ethanol.

You can get an idea of the type of pap that Woolsey will be spouting this week at Colorado College from this article, An interview with geo-green James Woolsey, former head of CIA. Woolsey and Paladin Capital Group is just the latest of the corporate fad where really odious corporations try to pass themselves off as being eco-friendly when they are the complete opposite.

In the case of Woolsey, you get a notorious neo-con thug trying to pass off the military industrial complex he is part of as being in the front range of going ‘Green’! As preposterous as that is, the academic veneer of places like Colorado College will help push that imagery off as being some sort of truth. There is nothing ‘Green’ about an outfit like the Paladin Capital Group. There is nothing ‘Green’ about either the CIA or the Pentagon, and the supply firms that feed those 2 government institutions.

Right Web has the full dope on this Democrat, James Woolsey. He is far worse than Joe Lieberman even!

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