Same bait, same switch

Troops needed to watch the Mexico borderWell looky who’s used the protect the border bait and switch before! Ninety years ago, same illegal immigration scare, same perp.
I happened across some posters used to recruit soldiers during WWI. Here they raise the Mexico bugaboo to ease worries that enlistment into the military would automatically mean duty in the trenches. “No More Men Are Needed” at the western front. Oh really?! It reminds me of something Air Force recruiters were telling Colorado College students on Thanksgiving 2005. US troops would be out of Iraq by Christmas. Potential enlistees need not fear being sent to Iraq because America was already pulling out. Public opinion had already forced their hand, they said, and we were pulling out.

3 thoughts on “Same bait, same switch

  1. Yeah, and as I remember the history, they had spent a long time chasing Pancho Villa around the deserts of Northern Chihuahua and never catching him….

    now does that have a familiar ring to it or What?

    Pershing and a young Douglass MacArthur, killing people who were identified as “associates of Pancho Villa” after they were dead, hey, the similarities just pile one on top of the other.

  2. See, by replying I ‘unbury” the post.

    It is no longer obscure. Neat trick, huh?

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