Something that CAN be done about Blackwater

A class action suit filed in federal court by US soldiers whose lives are recklessly endangered by the corporation.

Don’t know if anything has been started on that, but it is a workaround,

Also other US civilians working in Iraq.

Since the Bushiites have built an army in Iraq which is immune to American law, immune to Iraqi law, and immune to the UCMJ, that leaves Civil Law. Soldiers are forbidden from suing the Army, at all ever peiriod.

If the Pentagoons say that’s not true, they lie once again. They have “legal remedies” that would have you filling out papers for years before you could file a single civil court motion. But they can hide behind that process and say, “Look, we DO have a process for the soldiers to file suit, all they have to do is roll this boulder up this hill or stand in the middle of the river Lethes and drink a mouthful of water, just the rock is going to roll all the way down to the bottom just before you get it to the top and the river is going to lower in level every time you try to bend down”

But Blackwater, just chock full of people who were US military before, and had each therefore taken that Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution Of The United States, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic”, … Imagine, if you will, the CEO being required to take the stand. And explain how his actions and those of his subordinates were actually legal under any set of laws, OR, conform to that oath in any way.

Even Mr Bush’s directive of June 17, when he said he had unitary authority to freeze any bank account and seize any property of any person or CORPORATION in the world who impeded the rebuilding of Iraq, can be used against them.

US Civilians in Iraq can file the same type of action, include the soldiers in their action, AND name Bush and Cheney and the Pentagoons as co-defendants.

1 thought on “Something that CAN be done about Blackwater

  1. Did anybody see how CBS News with Kate Couric last night went to work for Blackwater? They claimed that it was Blackwater that saved the life of the Polish Ambassador and blah, blah, blah!

    See their Oct replay titled ‘Blackwater Rescues Ambassador’. Simply nauseating…
    See how good this company is, was CBS’s message. It was a revolting charade they put on all on behalf of trying to continue to keep this outfit shooting away at Iraqi civilians.

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