Stealing daddy’s spotlight…and mommy’s pills

Ready to be happy?
This morning, catching up on the goings-on after a week in blazing hot and muggy Mexico, I read on that Al Gore III was arrested recently on charges of possessing — in addition to marijuana — Vicodin, Xanax, Valium and Adderall. Oh my! The article pointed out that prescription drug use is becoming more prevalent among the young than even good ol’ pot.

Prescription drug abuse is particularly common among upper middle class students, according to Lisa Jack, a clinical psychologist at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “It just goes to show that where you’re from doesn’t matter,” Jack said. (I hope she isn’t speaking geographically).

The article goes on to admonish parents to lock our medicine chests so that vulnerable offspring will be adequately protected from evil.

Okay, done. But it seems to me that a better question would be, “Why are upper middle class bathrooms filled with an array of pretty-colored mood-altering pills in the first place?”

Welcome to the world of the upper middle class housewife. We take Adderall (basically speed) to get through the morning rush and the long list of daily chores. Valium (a tranquilizer) around 3 p.m. to take off the remaining Adderall edge and get through the afternoon kid activities with a smile. Xanax before stressed-out husband walks through the door assessing performance and demanding moral support and a lovely dinner.

After the kids are safely tucked in, Vicodin (an opioid) gives the same buzz as the 2 or 3 glasses of wine that we used to be able to handle easily, but which now lead to belly fat which, face it, is not only unsightly but downright unhealthy.

What the young ones apparently haven’t discovered yet is that Ambien at bedtime puts one into a nice dreamless coma that lasts until the alarm bell goes off and the cycle begins again.

I bet that you wish you could be-e-e half as lucky as me-e-e.

Posted by Marie Walden on July 08, 2007 at 01:44 PM

2 thoughts on “Stealing daddy’s spotlight…and mommy’s pills

  1. Did they mean to admit that access to prescription drugs “goes to show that where you’re from [does] matter?”

  2. Marie-
    I don’t think I know anybody who isn’t on something. Myself, I love a couple Miller Lites when I get home from work. Kind of like our parents evening martini I guess. My wife loves her glass or two of red wine after dinner with her chocolate.
    I think what is most important in raising your kids is to not be afraid to discuss these issues with them. Some parents go out of their way to pretend they don’t exist and that somehow their kids will be different.
    My wife and I have always been available and open to discussing anything our kids may feel the need to talk about.
    This includes drugs, sex etc.
    So far we have had great success with our daughters. My wife’s daughter (my step-daughter) will be graduating in the fall from The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia this fall with a double major in Biology and Medical Technology. We know and accept she experimented with certain things growing up, but she also ended up with a good enough foundation of what is good and bad from us along with a sense of self to get to this point in one piece.
    Our daughter together (Erin) will be 13 in the fall and is very much her own person. She is not afraid to talk to either one of us about anything and has. Erin will be leaving this coming Monday for three weeks of performing arts camp.
    Just be there for your kids and make sure they know you are.
    Don’t be afraid to let them learn things on their own-but know what is going on with them and make sure you can pull them back if you need to.

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